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Noun1.vegetable soup - soup made with a variety of vegetablesvegetable soup - soup made with a variety of vegetables
soup - liquid food especially of meat or fish or vegetable stock often containing pieces of solid food
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But Jack Pumpkinhead grew a lot of things in his garden besides pumpkins, so he cooked for them a fine vegetable soup and gave Dorothy, Ojo and Toto, the only ones who found it necessary to eat, a pumpkin pie and some green cheese.
Savannah Chopped Salad & Fire Roasted Vegetable Soup (330 calories)
HOW To MAKE CURRIED VEGETABLE Soup I can heartily recommend this curried soup I made with the dominant flavour of parsnip.
I was shell-shocked to see beef mentioned as one of the ingredients in the cream of vegetable soup by Maggi," Sunaina Madn, an Indian expatriate told XPRESS.
From the introductory alphabet book EATING THE ALPHABET: FRUITS & VEGETABLES FROM A TO Z that outlines over seventy fruits and veggies to GROWING VEGETABLE SOUP, which covers basic gardening and includes a vegetable soup recipe, and PLANTING A RAINBOW, a color book including over twenty flower varieties, these easy readers offer gentle picture book introductions perfect for fostering an appreciation of gardening in young kids.
Vegetarian Garden Vegetable, a classic vegetable soup made with diced tomatoes, tender carrots, green beans, celery, corn, peas and onions.
LUNCH Vegetable soup or a tuna salad with no-added-sugar diluting juice.
When it is cold outside and I need a quick, hearty, and delicious soup, this Chicken Vegetable Soup is one that I prepare.
Easy vegetable soup PROPOINTS[R] VALUE: 0 SERVINGS: 4 PREPARATION TIME: 15min COOKING TIME: 30min LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: Easy Ingredients [bar] 2 vegetable stock cubes (made up with a litre of water) [bar] 1 medium onion [bar] 1 large butternut squash [bar] 1 medium red pepper [bar] 1 pinch of salt [bar] Pinch of black pepper [bar] Handful of fresh, chopped herbs, to garnish Instructions: [bar] Pour the vegetable stock into a large saucepan.
I asked this question because we were working on vegetable soup recipes that contained only healthy ingredients, but cost more than commercial soups.
Roadside soup vendors have variety of soups like chicken soup, corn flour soup, vegetable soup, egg soup, fish soup, meat soup, spicy soups etc.
The stalls are offering hot soup in different flavours like chicken corn soup, egg soup, meat soup, vegetable soup, fish soup etc.