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Distribution or arrangement of veins or veinlike markings.


a pattern or network of veins or streaks


(ˈveɪ nɪŋ)

1. the act or process of forming veins.
2. a pattern of veins or markings suggesting veins.


[ˈveɪnɪŋ] N
1. (Anat, Bot) → venas fpl
2. (Min) → vetas fpl, veteado m
References in classic literature ?
This echo of the physician's words ran through the passages and little rooms, and through the house while he was yet straightening himself from having bent down to reach to the bottom of the bath, and while he was yet dabbling his hands in water; redly veining it as the marble was veined, before it mingled into one tint.
Drill hole MS-1 intersected the quartz veining at about 115 feet with a high assay of 0.
Hole 5, the shallower hole, intersected a 7m wide zone of breccia, quartz veining with 10% pyrite and traces of arsenopyrite at an andesite/rhyolite contact.
This work resulted in the identification of a large and intense potassic alteration zone with extensive zones of silicification and quartz veining that host epithermal style gold and silver mineralization.
Company geologists report mineralization comprises quartz veins and hydrothermal breccias with multistage silica veining plus barite.
The drilling explored an area of intensive hydrothermal alteration containing several well defined zones of blue-black quartz veining carrying minor amounts of pyrrhotite.