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adj. vein·i·er, vein·i·est
Full of or exhibiting veins; veined.


(ˈveɪ ni)

adj. vein•i•er, vein•i•est.
full of veins.
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Yet the real strangeness--and force--of the exhibition lay in the way the photographs' overt theatricality connected with four window grilles (large metal cages with protuberances for air conditioners, familiar sights in brownstone Brooklyn), partially covered with fleshy tubes of veiny latex and small tufts of hair.
One user Catherine Hirst said that the actor looks brooding and veiny with the get up.
The 'Rocky' star insisted that he is more than just a hunk of veiny, pulsating muscle and claimed that he can adapt to deeper and more meaningful roles, the Daily Express reported.
The humble, battered hunks of veiny red stone become slabs of meat as evocative of Becket's martyred body as any effigy.
The sample comes from a fine-grained, veiny sedimentary rock called "John Klein," named in memory of a Mars Science Laboratory deputy project manager who died in 2011.
The rock Curiosity targeted -- described as flat and veiny -- is believed to hold evidence about "long-gone wet environments," NASA said, adding it is named "John Klein" in memory of a Mars Science Laboratory deputy project manager who died in 2011.
Compare these militant waters to the "fbrous veiny pipes" of Eve-like Enion (a river in Wales), which "pourd" upon the atmospheres in " torrent floods" of "Blood" in Night the First of The Four Zoas (E 822) (my emphases).
It's just as lovely to be filled out, veiny or boney as it is to be fit, toned or strong.
M y grandfather, sitting in his wingback chair, rasps his breaths; bare veiny feet in misshapen faded green corduroy slippers rest on the brown tiled hearth.
Facundo pulls a photocopy of an official looking letter with the municipal seal, waving it like an eviction notice in front of the lanky juice man, whose roasted body reeks of shrimp, and whose veiny arms seem overtensed from the buckets' weight.
When I am old, will the young forget that I was once young like them and uncomfortably shy away from my veiny hands?