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n. pl. ve·lar·i·a (-ē-ə)
A large awning, especially one suspended over a Roman theater or amphitheater.

[Latin vēlārium, from vēlum, sail, sheet, curtain.]


n, pl -laria (-ˈlɛərɪə)
(Historical Terms) an awning used to protect the audience in ancient Roman theatres and amphitheatres
[C19: from Latin, from vēlāre to cover]
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Where the huge velarium that Nero had stretched across the Colosseum at Rome, that Titan sail of purple on which was represented the starry sky, and Apollo driving a chariot drawn by white, gilt-reined steeds?
Additional components of the swim system include the velarium, which narrows the bell opening during swim contractions, and the perradial frenula, which buttress the velarium but also actively contract with each swim pulsation (Gladfelter, 1973).
For subumbrellar recordings, the electrodes were attached directly to the nerve ring, on the subumbrella or velarium about 1 mm from the nerve ring (= near the nerve ring), or in the center of a muscle sheet quadrant.
Instead, their design was similar to that of their successful 2006 production of Titus Andronicus, which featured a translucent "roof" over the Globe theatre that evoked the Roman velarium.
The velarium was, in essence, a piece of canvas made from rope.
When she directed Titus Andronicus in 2006 Lucy Bailey hinted both at the gladiatorial blood-lust of the play as well as its internecine destructiveness by mimicking, in a series of black swathes, the velarium off the Roman amphitheater.
PLACIDL tp = placidly PLACIDYL ta3 = deiphically, edaphically VALIUM tp = maulvi VALIUM ta2 = alluvium, impluvia, misvalue, velarium PERCODAN tp = endocarp PERCODAN ta1 = cardphone, endocarps, phonecard DEMEROL tp = modeler, remodel DEMEROL ta1 = modelers, rebeldom, remolade, remodels DILAUDID ta6 = individualized LIDOCAINE ta1 = decisional HYCODAN ta2 = diachylon
Initially the building's unsatisfactory acoustics were tackled by hanging a huge sailcloth velarium beneath the dome which grew heavier with dust and then, in 1969, by suspending 135 fibre-glass `saucers' high above the arena.
On the other hand, tubulin-immunoreactive nerve networks are found throughout the subumbrellar areas containing swim musculature, including the subumbrella proper, the velarium, and the velarial frenula.
This may have implications for turning behavior since asymmetric contractions of the velarium underlie nozzle formation of the bell aperture for directional swimming (Gladfelter, 1973; Petie et al.
The velarium narrows the bell opening in a nozzle-like fashion during the swim contractions.
La evocacion del mitico pasado de la historia de Roma en conexion con el porvenir se encuentra tambien en otro pasaje del capitulo III de El hombre de oro: A veces creia haber existido en los tiempos en que Evandro, al brillar el lucero de la manana, congregaba a la orilla del Tiber su pueblo de arcades; a veces creta contemplar, rememorando un vago ensueno, un horizonte inmenso en cuyo fondo se divisahan fabulosas y monumentales arquitecturas; a veces, un pais luminoso en donde se alzaban columnas marmoreas, blancos porticos y purpurinos velariums a la orilla de un golfo sonoro y azul (Dario 1995: 53).