vena portae

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Noun1.vena portae - a short vein that carries blood into the liver
portal system - system of veins that carry blood from the abdominal organs to the liver
vein, vena, venous blood vessel - a blood vessel that carries blood from the capillaries toward the heart; "all veins except the pulmonary vein carry unaerated blood"
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Opening with the brooding Summer Kills, Vena Portae could easily be compared to the likes of the Civil Wars and fellow Aussies, Angus And Julia Stone, such is the expert musicianship and lovely vocals from Barker.
Effects of Thymol on the spontaneous contractile activity (SCA) have been found in in vitro experiments with circular smooth-muscle strips (SMAs) from guinea pig stomach and vena portae.
I had to remove the cystic duct from a corpse, just where it joins the gastro hepatic omentum in front of the vena portae.