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a. Secreting and transmitting venom: a venomous snake.
b. Full of or containing venom: a venomous substance.
a. Malicious; spiteful: a venomous remark.
b. Harmful or destructive: "all the venomous ingredients of corruption" (Garry Wills).

ven′om·ous·ly adv.
ven′om·ous·ness n.
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She won the race, and the campaign won national attention because of the venomousness of the ads the competitors exchanged.
After a brief biography, there is a comprehensive survey of Dionysian scholarship and then Schafer argues that evil actually plays a more venomousness and paradoxical role in the Pseudo's thought than in Augustine's (p.
It makes for enjoyably sadistic reading throughout, but even in passages of especially inspired venomousness, one's pleasure is always qualified by the knowledge that almost everything said against the composer's work was the product of envy, ignorance, or reactionary reflex.