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n. ventriculotomía, incisión de un ventrículo.
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Proventriculotomy or ventriculotomy has been reported as an effective means for removing gastric foreign bodies in several avian species, including an ostrich (Struthio camelus), (12) a brown kiwi (Apteryx australis mantelli), (13) and a sarus crane (Grus antigone).
13] Interventional cardiologists must be aware of the presence of multiple ostia in anterior aortic sinuses before doing procedures like right ventriculotomy for ventricular septal defect or pulmonary stenosis.
During SVR, the ventricular wall was closed using an endoventricular patch in thirty patients (40%) and direct ventriculotomy closure in the remaining 46 patients (60%).
This is especially true if myocardial performance is weakened by ventriculotomy as required for repair of a variety of CHDs3.
These post-operative changes have been reported to pulmonary insufficiency, pre- operative hypoxia and ventriculotomy.
Left ventriculotomy can provide better exposure; however it is associated with apical aneurysms and with ventricular dysfunction sometimes necessitating heart transplantation.
Objective: To analyze the outcome of endoscopic 3rd ventriculotomy in the management of hydrocephalus secondary to posterior fossa tumor.
Kirse et al recently described an endoscopic extended ventriculotomy procedure in which most of the lateral wall of the supraglottis, including the false vocal fold and laryngeal ventricle, is resected.
This device is contraindicated in patients with active systemic infection, those with an intracardiac mural thrombus, or those who have had a ventriculotomy or atriotomy in the preceding 4 weeks, and in patients with cryoglobulinemia.
In this procedure, a left ventriculotomy is performed, and the ventricular aneurysm is reduced in size by exclusion of the scar from the endocardial volume of the left ventricle.