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Both ventral and dorsal; extending from a ventral to a dorsal surface.

ven′tro·dor′sal·ly adv.


(ˌvɛn troʊˈdɔr səl)

of or pertaining to the ventral and dorsal aspects of the body.


a. ventrodorsal, rel. a las superficies ventral y dorsal.
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The crop is distended (black arrow), and the gastrointestinal system is dilated (white arrow), (b) Ventrodorsal radiograph of a budgerigar with Macrorhabdus ornithogaster infection.
In contrast to mammals with a circular thorax (primates), in mammals with a major ventrodorsal axis (quadrupeds) the internal intercostal artery runs obliquely after crossing the first rib and emits a branch that runs ventrally in parallel to the sternal border and that supplements the anterior intercostal arteries.
A ventrodorsal (intraoral) radiograph (Figure 1C) of the rostral mandible showed a well-defined osseous mass with intense radiopaque areas and different degrees of ossification, visualized as dispersed radiolucent points inside the mass.
Their evaluation is based on a ventrodorsal radiograph taken with your dog's rear legs extended.
ay cekilen ventrodorsal pelvis grafileri uzerinde hesaplanan Norberg aci olcumu degerleri ile preoperatif Norberg aci olcumleri karsilastirildi.
This was concomitant with Jones and Orosz (2000) who stated that lateral and ventrodorsal views can be taken in a bird suspected of having aspergillosis.
Plain radiography of skull lateral and ventrodorsal view revealed no bony lesions.
Con el animal en posicion ventrodorsal, y tras vaciar la vejiga de forma manual, se realizo una incision en la piel desde el ombligo hasta aproximadamente la mitad del ultimo par mamario o hueso pubico, dependiendo del tamano del animal.
A dorsoventral or ventrodorsal view may have provided additional information regarding the heart, but it is not routinely obtained in an unsedated or unanesthetized cria [1].
0 mm ventrodorsal length) of the load-bearing region at the medial tibial plateau was identified as a region of interest [Figure 1].
For radiography of the specimens the lateral and ventrodorsal position were used.