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The key is knowing how to get capital, and African Americans heretofore have not been prominently placed in the technology startup or venture capital arenas.
Says Mark Heesen, director of legislative and entrepreneurial affairs at the National Venture Capital Association, "Venture capital, by its very entrepreneurial essence, is an industry which requires freedom from regulation in order to maintain its creative, risk-taking spirit.
The firm's partners have been founders and CEOs of successful start-ups, officers of large companies, and have decades of venture capital experience.
promises to soon double the available venture capital dollars spent on minority-owned businesses.
Zon Capital is a venture capital fund headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey with offices in Radnor, Pennsylvania.
The Venture Capital firms selected through a competitive RFP process to receive investment from Venture Michigan Fund I are:
Venture capital (VC) is an important financial tool for innovative start-ups in many industries.
During his talk, Heesen will discuss recent investment activity and provide a snapshot of the venture capital landscape in 2007.
In the first six months of the year, 19 companies received $112 million in venture capital.
While many professionals are familiar with the big SoCal Venture Capital names-Enterprise Partners, Mission, Palomar, Rustic Canyon-it may be surprising to know there are more than 230 Venture Capital, Private Equity, Angel and Incubator investors with offices in Southern California.
The collaboration between the company's founders and venture capital partners from the very beginning stages of the company's development has proven to be enormously successful, and this collaboration will continue to ensure the company's future growth," said Denis Lucquin, managing partner, Sofinnova Partners.

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