venture capitalist

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venture capital

Money available for investment in startup companies and small businesses with a high potential for growth. Also called risk capital.

venture capitalism n.
venture capitalist n.

venture capitalist

(Stock Exchange) a person or company that provides capital for new commercial enterprises
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Noun1.venture capitalist - a speculator who makes money available for innovative projects (especially in high technology)
plunger, speculator - someone who risks losses for the possibility of considerable gains
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A member of the venture capitalist tribe yesterday asserted that those of his ilk would continue to be on the lookout for the next "fantastic idea that will radically change the world".
Subhedar defends the venture capitalist community, saying there are natural checks and balances in place to keep deals fair.
Here, an Austin-based venture capitalist was able to make a $4 million, early-stage investment in an entrepreneurial company that, four years later, was acquired by a global high-tech conglomerate for $10 million.
How venture capitalist functions in environments that differ so fundamentally from those of the mature markets where venture capital was initially developed has only begun to be addressed.
A venture capitalist wants to be confident that the management team's experience, skills, and track record make it a team that is likely to succeed.
For this reason, investors are better off approaching a "rich uncle" that a traditional venture capitalist.
The venture capitalist was the source of money and business expertise that helped the physician or the scientist with the brilliant idea to start a successful company.
s present CEO and COO, one venture capitalist, and two independent directors, themselves both CEOs of media companies.
Venture capitalist groups have previously been outbid by Nomura, in the case of William Hill, and again by Ladbroke when Coral was auctioned by Bass but, with the gambling industry having fared well over the past year, they will be more determined than ever to get a foothold in the lucrative market-place this time around.
That experience is a key resource that the venture capitalist brings to the table in helping to nurture a developing firm.
INDEED, THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL AND most troubling provision of the competitiveness bill got the least funding: a two-year, $100-million "pilot" program that makes Uncle Sam a venture capitalist.
By contrast, a venture capitalist will commit to invest a modest amount up front, perhaps $500,000, to finish engineering work and write a business plan.

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