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or ve·ran·dah  (və-răn′də)
A porch or balcony, usually roofed and often partly enclosed, extending along the outside of a building. Also called regionally gallery.

[Hindi varaṇḍā, probably from Portuguese varanda, balcony; akin to vara, rod, stick (as in vara do castello, high part of a castle from which one can see farthest into the distance), from Latin vāra, forked pole, structure with divergent pieces, trestle.]
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Noun1.verandah - a porch along the outside of a building (sometimes partly enclosed)verandah - a porch along the outside of a building (sometimes partly enclosed)
lanai - a veranda or roofed patio often furnished and used as a living room
porch - a structure attached to the exterior of a building often forming a covered entrance
References in classic literature ?
Shelby had gone on her visit, and Eliza stood in the verandah, rather dejectedly looking after the retreating carriage, when a hand was laid on her shoulder.
The garden was a wide inclosure, surrounded with walls so high as to exclude every glimpse of prospect; a covered verandah ran down one side, and broad walks bordered a middle space divided into scores of little beds: these beds were assigned as gardens for the pupils to cultivate, and each bed had an owner.
Strong opened the window, and went out into the verandah, where she stood leaning against a pillar.
So Meriem remained behind and spent her days either with My Dear upon the shaded verandah, or riding her favorite pony across the plains or to the forest edge.
I cannot rest when the cool is gone from June, But haunt the dim verandah till the moon Fades from the dawn's pursuit.
Half a company of 'em took one of the new draft an' hanged him by his arms with a tent-rope from a third-story verandah.
One morning an officer, at the head of a party of men, presented himself at the verandah of Mr Pritchard's house, and inquired in broken English for the lady his wife.
They come from that lady there--the one who is sitting on the settee, the one who has just been escorted to the verandah by a crowd of lacqueys.
Vixen, if you do that again you'll be put into the verandah.
The feet of armed men pounded on the verandah flags, and it was as though something was being dragged.
While this monument was under inspection our interesting couple had the house to themselves, and they spent some time on a pretty terrace where certain windows of the second floor opened--a little rootless verandah which overhung, in a manner, obliquely, all the magnificence of the view; the immense sweep of the river, the artistic plantations, the last-century garden with its big box hedges and remains of old espaliers.
The wind had risen and the storm gathered force; they gave from time to time a thump at the firm windows and dashed even against those protected by the verandah their vicious splotches of rain.