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1. One skilled in the use of words.
2. One who favors words over ideas or substance.

ver′bal·is′tic adj.


1. a person who deals with words alone, rather than facts, ideas, feeling, etc
2. a person skilled in the use of words


(ˈvɜr bə lɪst)

1. a person skilled in the use of words.
2. a person who is more concerned with words than with ideas or facts.
ver`bal•is′tic, adj.
References in classic literature ?
What to the ostentatious smuggling verbalists are the thoughts of thinkers but Loose-Fish?
These are the instincts that drive the verbalist and theorist, the filmmaker, the philosopher, the magician.
8) Subjects who were High on the Verbal working memory and Low on Spatial working memory were classified as Verbalist for the Memory variable because they showed better abilities only for Verbal working memory.