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 (vûr′məl, -māl′)
1. Vermilion or a similar bright red color.
2. (vĕr-mā′) Gilded silver, bronze, or copper.
Bright red in color.

[Middle English vermail, from Old French vermeil, from Late Latin vermiculus, a kind of red worm, from Latin, grub, diminutive of vermis, worm; see wer- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Metallurgy) gilded silver, bronze, or other metal, used esp in the 19th century
2. (Art Terms) gilded silver, bronze, or other metal, used esp in the 19th century
3. (Colours)
a. vermilion
b. (as adjective): vermeil shoes.
[C15: from Old French, from Late Latin vermiculus insect (of the genus Kermes) or the red dye prepared from it, from Latin: little worm]


(ˈvɜr mɪl, -meɪl or, esp. for 2, vərˈmeɪ)

1. vermilion red.
2. metal, as silver or bronze, that has been gilded.
3. of the color vermilion.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Middle French < Late Latin vermiculus kermes (insect and dye), Latin: larva, grub; see vermicular]
References in classic literature ?
Monseigneur sees nobody at this hour," he was answered by a fellow carrying a vermeil dish, in which were three pheasants and twelve quails.
Then Vermeil saw a rainbow in the Super Bowl sky, and followed it, and quit coaching before the ink was dry on his checks.
As a result, both Rams coach Dick Vermeil and Titans coach Jeff Fisher chose to leave their staff back home for an extra day to work on game plans.
Jewelry (Women's and men's jewelry by type, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, bridal/wedding, pins and brooches; women's and men's jewelry by material, including 14k and above gold, sterling silver, platinum, gold plate or vermeil, costume jewelry; and women's and men's jewelry by stone, including diamonds, other precious gemstones, semi-precious gemstones, pearl, faux or man-made, no gemstone content)
Nasreen Fatima won Large Vermeil medal as well as a special prize for her exhibit 'India Queen Victoria 1855-1900: The D'La Rue Issues and Usages'.
3 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Former Philadelphia Eagles coach Dick Vermeil will share his thoughts on football and winemaking while signing bottles of Vermeil Wines from 5 p.
Dainty grape sheers of gold vermeil over sterling silver take visitors to a century past where servants snipped the fruit to size.
Coach Dick Vermeil had been critical of the Greenock-born star after he had an inconsistent pre-season and even hinted he could be axed.
Offensive guru Vermeil should certainly put points on the board himself with running back Priest Holmes likely to enjoy success against a run defence that remains Indy's weak suit.
DICK VERMEIL, on how she stops reporters from phoning him: "Dick is still asleep, but I'll have him call you as soon as he gets up at 4:00 AM.
It sounds ridiculous, but that's what former coach and TV pundit Dick Vermeil has done with the St Louis Rams.
Every time I watch the team lose, I can find fault with Vermeil.