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 (vûr′məl, -māl′)
1. Vermilion or a similar bright red color.
2. (vĕr-mā′) Gilded silver, bronze, or copper.
Bright red in color.

[Middle English vermail, from Old French vermeil, from Late Latin vermiculus, a kind of red worm, from Latin, grub, diminutive of vermis, worm; see wer- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Metallurgy) gilded silver, bronze, or other metal, used esp in the 19th century
2. (Art Terms) gilded silver, bronze, or other metal, used esp in the 19th century
3. (Colours)
a. vermilion
b. (as adjective): vermeil shoes.
[C15: from Old French, from Late Latin vermiculus insect (of the genus Kermes) or the red dye prepared from it, from Latin: little worm]


(ˈvɜr mɪl, -meɪl or, esp. for 2, vərˈmeɪ)

1. vermilion red.
2. metal, as silver or bronze, that has been gilded.
3. of the color vermilion.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Middle French < Late Latin vermiculus kermes (insect and dye), Latin: larva, grub; see vermicular]
References in classic literature ?
Monseigneur sees nobody at this hour," he was answered by a fellow carrying a vermeil dish, in which were three pheasants and twelve quails.
com/nfl/story/nfl-head-coaching-openings-special-teams-dick-vermeil-john-harbaugh-bill-cowher-mike-ditka-121615) generally overlooked as head coaching candidates, highly successful coaches like Dick Vermeil, Marv Levy and John Harbaugh served in that role at one point or another.
Camme: Pieces sculpted in bas-relief on a single gemstone, mounted on silver and vermeil silver.
The pieces are a playful combination of colors and textures in larger scale, like a pair of emerald-cut citrines with white sapphires surrounded by salmon and green enamel on vermeil.
Le vermeil de la specialite est revenu a l'Afrique du Sud (8:39.
Most athletes lack overall general conditioning," explains A1 Vermeil, a member of the USA Strength and Conditioning Hall of Fame and the only S&C coach/consultant ever to earn championship rings in the NBA (Chicago Bulls) and NFL (San Francisco 49ers).
Thrown in amongst the glamorous Vermeil family as they move between Paris and Antibes, Flora begins to discover that things aren't all that they seem, while back at home her own family is recoiling from a seismic shock.
Mayor Anne Hidalgo announced the plans for supporters to be given the city's most prestigious award, known as the Grand Vermeil, because of the way they had behaved.
Contract notice: Supply of medals in silver and vermeil with caskets.
Anne Hidalgo announced plans for the Green Army to be given the city's most prestigious award, known as the Grand Vermeil.
Fern Pearl Earrings in 18ct gold vermeil by Patience Jewellery PS185 .
Tayyeb Khoory also won the Large Vermeil medal for his exhibit "Dubai Postal History".