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n. pl. ver·mes (-mēz)
The region of the cerebellum lying between and connecting the two hemispheres.

[New Latin, from Latin, worm; see wer- in Indo-European roots.]
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See, however, Geza Vermes, The Religion of Jesus the Jew (London: SCM Press, 1993), p.
Akenson uses the scholarship of Geza Vermes on the Dead Sea Scrolls to offer an informed discussion of this diverse collection of texts which illustrate widely different groups within Judaism of this period.
Ken Vermes has worked 15 years in the beverage industry.
Providential Accidents by Geza Vermes (Rowman and Littlefield, 1999): At 75, Geza Vermes, retired Oxford professor, is a world-renowned Dead Sea Scrolls scholar, whose English translation of Qumran literature is the best available, now in its 5th edition.
1993; Tenuta and Beauchamp 1996) and unfertilised and undisturbed forest soils (Roberston and Tiedje 1984; Groffman and Tiedje 1989a; Merrill and Zak 1992; Vermes and Myrold 1992; Henrich and Haselwander 1997).
613A: 'Rursum colomba nec cadavera nec vermes comedit.
Stevens is an associate with the law firm Vermes, Rovenger & Kelley in Santa Ana, CA.
That certainly looked the case on Wednesday when they lost 1-0 to Houston, a defeat coach Peter Vermes called "horrific".
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Timur Vermes, a journalist and former ghostwriter, was born in Nuremberg in 1967 to a German father and a Hungarian mother.
Against the backdrop of growing multifamily investment activity, industry professionals today require more sophisticated reporting for their multifamily investments," notes ResiModel Founder and CEO Elliot Vermes, who previously spent more than 10 years on the buy and sell sides of real estate investment.
The clubs had been discussing a partnership since February, but neither wanted it to be a "marketing ploy, said Sporting KC manager Peter Vermes, We realized that they were a perfect fit.