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n. pl. ver·mes (-mēz)
The region of the cerebellum lying between and connecting the two hemispheres.

[New Latin, from Latin, worm; see wer- in Indo-European roots.]
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The Vermes MDS 3010+ and Vermes MDS 3020+ microdispensing jetting valves are designed for precision dispensing of material in small volumes at fast speeds with extremely high accuracy and repeatability.
The ceremony was attended by the President of HEC Jean-Paul Vermes, Education Minister Marwan Hamade, Culture Minister Ghattas Khoury, the French Ambassador Bruno Foucher, the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Beirut and Mount Lebanon Mohammed Choucair, the director of ESA Stephane Attali and the president of HEC alumni in Lebanon Nicolas Boukhater.
The Vermes Quest: The Significance of Geza Vermes for Jesus Research
Caption: Josue Vermes pours Jam Cellars' Butter, Jam and new sparkler: Toast.
O fruto e suas sementes esmagadas geralmente tem efeitos contra vermes, parasitas, virus (Herpes simplex), alem do efeito adstringente, antitermico, diuretico e antidepressivo.
El roce constante de las extremidades inferiores del ave con el metal del piso de la jaula y su manipulacion y amarre durante la alimentacion de los triatominos, le ocasiono lesion cutanea traumatica en region plantar (metatarso-falangiana) de la pata derecha, que le impidio caminar por lo que permanecio postrado; la lesion se hizo necrotica y se instalo una miiasis secundaria, a la que se le removieron los vermes manualmente con pinzas, y se le aplico topicamente antisepsia con solucion yodada, y luego larvicida (Lepecid[R]) en aerosol una vez por 2 dias (d); al cabo de 4-5 d la lesion remitio satisfactoriamente.
international, Vermes has guided Sporting Kansas City to an MLS Cup and a U.
According to redIQ CEO Elliot Vermes, the new moniker--an acronym for "Real Estate Data Intelligence"--better reflects the firm's overarching goal of facilitating data flow across all parties involved in multifamily transactions, including brokers, buyers, loan originators and servicers, and appraisers.
Doyle's "Mount Rushmore" of MLS coaches would include Bruce Arena, Sigi Schmid, and Dom Kinnear, with Peter Vermes right below them.
This came in remarks during the Ambassador's meeting with Chairman of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP) Jean-Paul Vermes.
The film, directed by David Wnendt, is based on the provocative bestselling novel by Timur Vermes published in 2012 which describes an imaginary situation in which Hitler returns from the dead straight into the 21st century and tries to acclimate to the new Germany.
The film "Look Who's Back" is an adaptation of a satirical novel by Timur Vermes which has sold over a million copies.