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A private showing held before the opening of an art exhibition.

[French, varnishing, day before the official opening of an exhibition on which artists would varnish their paintings, vernissage, from vernis, varnish, from Old French; see varnish.]


1. (Art Terms) a preview or the opening or first day of an exhibition of paintings
2. (Art Terms) another term for varnishing day
[French, from vernis varnish]


(ˌvɛr nəˈsɑʒ; Fr. vɛr niˈsaʒ)

n., pl. -sages (-ˈsɑ ʒɪz; Fr. -ˈsaʒ)
a reception at a gallery for an artist whose show is about to open to the public.
[1910–15; < French: literally, a varnishing, touching up (of paintings). See varnish, -age]
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L'artiste presente le [beaucoup moins que]lien[beaucoup plus grand que], comme l'evoque si bien l'intitule de son exposition devoilee au public le 8 mars dernier lors d'un vernissage a l'Institut Francais de Rabat.
The Vernissage Opening Party, presented by the Bonnet House Museum & Gardens is open to all Art Fort Lauderdale sponsors and the perfect location to kick off the week of experiential art events.
Or to be more precise, it is about attending the vernissage of the Philippine pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale in May early this year and learning about how Jose Rizal's thoughts on home and exile became the foundation of the "The Spectre of Comparison" exhibition, its philosophical backbone.
A winner of seven Fragrance Foundation Awards, Rosen says,"I am so grateful to the Nassau County Museum of Art for this vernissage.
This was followed by an exclusive vernissage gala reception on September 14 at the Upper Lobby of The Peninsula, providing guests with a first glimpse of the items going under the hammer.
The Spectre of Comparison, the Philippine Pavilion at the 2017 Venice Art Biennale, successfully held its vernissage on May 11 and is now ready to show the world how the works of Maestro and Ocampo relate to notions of nationhood, diaspora and identity as the 57th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia formally opens on May 13, 2017.
Le vernissage de son exposition a eu lieu mardi dernier au complexe culturel Abdelwahab-Salim de Chenoua (Tipasa), relevant le l'ONCI.
Une sixieme semaine comporte un vernissage oo sont invites familles et dignitaires, et a l'occasion duquel le << sage-artiste >> est invite a prendre la parole pour s'exprimer au sujet de ses oeuvres et de son experience d'apprentissage.
L'exposition dont le vernissage est prevu le 12 octobre, permettra de donner une plus grande visibilite a la creation artistique africaine dans toute son originalite et aux artistes trop peu connus du grand public.
Vernissage of more than 30 works by members of the Arts Academy and the leading masters of painting and sculpture - Alisher Mirzavev, Djavlon Umarbekov, Sabir Rakhmetov, Akmal Nur and others - were presented.
On a bitterly cold evening late last month, a hundred or so people ambled in and out of a vernissage of local Jewish artists in the lobby of Cegep du Vieux Montreal, a downtown community college.
La ceremonie d'inauguration sera marquee par le vernissage d'une exposition retrospective des oeuvres de l'artiste tetouanaise Esther Benmaman, peintre des "Racines" (marocaines), ainsi que d'objets typiques du Maroc.