vertical angles

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vertical angles

pl n
(Mathematics) geometry the pair of equal angles between a pair of intersecting lines; opposite angles. Also called: vertically opposite angles

ver·ti·cal angles

Two angles formed by two intersecting lines and lying on opposite sides of the point of intersection.
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Conventional 3D LiDARs that are designed for autonomous driving of automobiles cannot scan the laser in a wide range of vertical angles.
Current situations require PG&E employees to use fall-resistant equipment to assess facilities like Balch Powerhouse, due to the elevation and sharp vertical angles of the terrain.
tilt] (regarding the lower bound) is the mean value of vertical angles of the N users, i.
the distance 5 from the measured point to the plane, in the given horizontal and vertical angles, should be zero.
The wall-mounted photosensor is provided with a crescent-shaped shield such that it only "sees" the rotating mirror and stray light within its field of view over the vertical angles 0[degrees] to 180[degrees].
We modeled a number of scenarios using faster or slower impacts and more shallow or more vertical angles.
Difference consists of calibrating the instrument when the instrument itself is positioned in the vertical direction from which horizontal and vertical angles must be measured.
Vertical angles of the tug ropes made 65 degrees in the fore and 60 degrees in the aft of the ship.
Airplane pilots would achieve more consistent and better results if they focused more on the vertical angles to the runway and touchdown down point and less on horizontal distances.
The NETH503 5" Theodolite has a 30x telescope with illumination, 360 degree full transit, digital reading of both horizontal and vertical angles, dual-side LCD display, photoelectric incremental encoder, optical plummet, alkaline or rechargeable battery pack selectable.

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