vertical bank

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Noun1.vertical bank - a bank so steep that the plane's lateral axis approaches the vertical
bank - a flight maneuver; aircraft tips laterally about its longitudinal axis (especially in turning); "the plane went into a steep bank"
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Here we report initial excavation activities by a pair of Belted Kingfishers at a new nest burrow in which both birds flew at the vertical bank and hit it bill-first with considerable force, like a battering ram; this behavior we terra aerial ramming.
In the afternoon, the Pro and Expert riders tackled a similar course to the Clubmen with factory riders in attendance as the best Extreme Enduro riders in the world set out their stall and many were caught out on the Root of All Evil, the "root" being a 10-inch thick gnarly exposed artery of an oak tree set midway up a twenty foot high near vertical bank.
8-m depth) over a vertical bank of mud-clay substrate (22.
The contract comprises the design of the bend extensions of 9 bend extensions on the left and / or right of the Diversion Canal of the Lys Nevele and Deinze, by building vertical bank protection.
Built in 1998, the property's attributes include a clock tower and a vertical bank of windows spanning the height of the building.
Clever French design work has ensured that even after dark the DS3 is easy to spot thanks to its two distinctive vertical banks of LED daylight running lights on each side of the grille.