vertical file

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vertical file

A collection of resource materials, such as pamphlets, clippings from periodicals, and mounted photographs, arranged for ready reference, as in a library or an archive.

ver′tical file`

1. a collection of pamphlets, pictures, clippings, or other materials stored upright, as in a filing cabinet or cabinets.
2. a cabinet for such storage.
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Noun1.vertical file - a file in which records are stored upright on one edgevertical file - a file in which records are stored upright on one edge
file cabinet, filing cabinet, file - office furniture consisting of a container for keeping papers in order
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good natured stackable legal trays, self-stacker desk trays, vertical file holders, paper clip dispensers and pencil holders are produced with 85 percent plant-based bioplastic materials that have been independently certified by the USDA BioPreferred(R) program.
The new rolling file system replaced traditional four-drawer and five-drawer vertical file cabinets to conserve floor space while providing secure storage of their case files.
If it hadn't been for a well-kept vertical file, this seemingly valueless old invitation would not have come to my attention.
BIFMA) International announced approval and release of the latest edition of the voluntary safety and performance standard for Vertical File, ANSI/BIFMA X5.
I prefer lateral files because they are easier to build into office cabinetry and all of the contents are immediately visible when you open the drawer, but a vertical file will do.
Vertical file subject headings that are most important to check are Abortion, Euthanasia, Birth Control and Sex Education.
An important part of a researcher's job was to read professional publications, gather information at meetings, and contribute to a vertical file.
Instead, a small vertical file - in your sight - where the slips can stand and wait for your phone time should help keep these message in your consciousness without revealing their contents.
Everything should be in the proper filing area, in a permanent, vertical file folder.
The vertical file cabinet streamlined business operations allowed for easier data retrieval and increased office efficiency.
Tenders are invited for Qty 31 EA - hon posture task chair spec # ch-1, Qty 17 EA - hon motivate stacking chair spec # ch-2, Qty 13 EA - actco bell 08 series four leg stool spec # ch-3, Qty 52 EA - actco bell h1 series solid plastic chair spec # ch-4, Qty 494 EA - actco bell h208s tablet arm chair desk spec # d-1, Qty 1 EA - hon 10500 series 3-shelf bookcase spec # bc-1, Qty 26 EA - hon 10500 series 3-shelf bookcase spec # bc-2, Qty 3 EA - hon 310 series 5-drawer vertical file spec # fc-1, Qty 17 EA - hon voi workstation spec # ws-1.
According to the nomination materials, the library's staff worked tirelessly to make this collection available to researchers with the development of finding aids, digitized images, and an extensive vertical file.

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