vesica piscis

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vesica pis·cis

 (pī′sĭs, pĭs′ĭs)
1. A pointed oval shape formed by the intersection of the circumference of one circle with the center of another circle with an equal radius.
2. See mandorla.

[New Latin vēsīca piscis : Latin vēsīca, bladder + Latin piscis, genitive of piscis, fish (from the resemblance in shape).]
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From the Flower of Life came the figures of the Tree of Life, Seed of Life, Fruit of Life, Vesica Piscis, and Metatron's cube.
During a recent struggle with a misdiagnosis of terminal illness for which I was given but four months left to live, she took off her vesica piscis of rayos and bade me pass through her fiery corona, burning away my terror and grief time and again.
HARLECH: Theatr Ardudwy (01766 780 667), Vesica Piscis.