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n. pl. vex·il·la (vĕk-sĭl′ə)
1. A usually square banner hung from a crossbar on a staff, used as a military standard in ancient Rome.
2. Botany See standard.
3. Zoology The weblike part of a feather; the vane.

[Latin, banner; akin to vēlum, sail.]


n, pl -la (-lə)
1. (Zoology) ornithol the vane of a feather
2. (Botany) botany another name for standard16
[C18: from Latin: banner, perhaps from vēlum sail]
ˈvexillary, vexˈillar adj
ˈvexillate adj


(vɛkˈsɪl əm)

n., pl. vex•il•la (vɛkˈsɪl ə)
1. a standard or flag carried by ancient Roman troops.
3. Ornith. vane (def. 5).
[1720–30; < Latin of vēlum sail]


1. a military Standard or banner carried by ancient Roman troops.
2. the men serving under such a banner.
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