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John Gale, Hon City Vexillologist and Flag Institute Member
As acclaimed historian and vexillologist Robert Morris points out in his The Truth about the Betsy Ross Story, the academic "publish or perish" environment encourages many historians to tear down traditions merely for the attention it brings -- much as a three-year old enjoys popping his sister's balloon for the sheer excitement of the loud POP and hearing her indignant wails of protest.
Caleb Bach's interview with vexillologist Whitney Smith is filled with colorful stories of this hemisphere's many-hued flags.
According to this column's dedicated vexillologist (or flagarak) Horst de Duster, the one flag's width is derived from medieval chivalry, giving enough space for the Angel of Death to take the soul to heaven.
He finally used Ask The Audience when faced with the question "What does a vexillologist study?
Alongside Coun Leddy on the judging panel will be the council's official honorary vexillologist, or flag expert, John Gale, who suggests the city's history should be represented.
Many people might be vexed by the word vexillologist, but not Whitney Smith.
A vexillologist from that country wrote an article for The Flag Bulletin about this constellation as a motif.
Thanks to the energy of vexillologist Pitch Pine Pete, who zipped about doling out Red Dusters, many maritime-connected Liverpool buildings flew the flag on the day.
City council engineer and vexillologist Mr John Gale was horrified by an Encyclopaedia Britannica survey showing the nation's ignorance of St George's 800-year-old flag.
Actually, you can burn your flag if it's not fit for display; in fact, it's the preferred method of disposal, according to the vexillologists.
He will now launch a competition for residents to come up with the final design, which would be approved by a group of councillors and vexillologists.