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Of or relating to a viceroy.

vice·re′gal·ly adv.


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) of or relating to a viceroy or his or her viceroyalty
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) chiefly Austral and NZ of or relating to a governor or governor general
ˌviceˈregally adv


(vaɪsˈri gəl)

of or pertaining to a viceroy.
vice•re′gal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.viceregal - of or relating to a viceroy; "the viceregal visit"
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Archer contemplated with awe the two slender faded figures, seated side by side in a kind of viceregal rigidity, mouthpieces of some remote ancestral authority which fate compelled them to wield, when they would so much rather have lived in simplicity and seclusion, digging invisible weeds out of the perfect lawns of Skuytercliff, and playing Patience together in the evenings.
Bobby received his orders on returning from a dance at Viceregal Lodge, where he had but only the Haverley girl knows what Bobby had said or how many waltzes he had claimed for the next ball.
That evening, at dinner in the big Viceregal tent, he stood up with the badge and the collar of the Order on his breast, and replying to the toast of his master's health, made a speech few Englishmen could have bettered.
The chaos of false appearances and competing interests at the Viceregal court in Zacarias's play thus appears to heed Santi's call "to provide a critique of restitution, to demystify and set limits to its future epistemological claims, along with comforting the reader's despair at the inevitability of misunderstanding" (129).
When Luis finally arrived in New Spain in the spring of 1560, he joined his father in the viceregal palace.
Henry also managed the difficult task of ruling lands on both sides of the Channel by instituting bodies of viceregal administrators for each region.
His sire was an athlete of modest ability who obtained his chance at stud because he was a son of Northern Dancer and a brother to the high-class Viceregal.
The viceregal court stipulated that guests at Her Majesty's birthday ball `be dressed in the Manufactures of this Kingdom'.
The Roots of Revolt in Late Viceregal Quio: Eugenio de Espejo Between Adam Smith and St.
The viceregal authorities responded to what they perceived as an unstable and dangerous situation by expanding the police and local court system in the early 1780s and by relyi ng on military patrols to maintain "public tranquility.
He, in turn both proud and prickly, felt this opposition keenly -- particularly in comparison to the viceregal powers enjoyed by the Duke of Bedford in France.
It was through these acts of good will, tempered by viceregal wisdom and prudence that won the viceroys the love of the people of Lima, and by extension, Peru.