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1. The wife of a viceroy.
2. A woman who is the governor of a country, province, or colony, ruling as the representative of a sovereign.

[French : vice-, vice (from Old French; see vice3) + reine, queen (from Latin rēgīna, feminine of rēx, rēg-, king; see reg- in Indo-European roots).]


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the wife of a viceroy
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a female viceroy
[C19: from French, from vice3 + reine queen, from Latin rēgīna]


(ˈvaɪs reɪn)

the wife of a viceroy.
[1815–25; < French, =vice- vice- + reine queen < Latin rēgīna, akin to rēx king]
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Noun1.vicereine - wife of a viceroy
married woman, wife - a married woman; a man's partner in marriage
2.vicereine - governor of a country or province who rules as the representative of his or her king or sovereign
exarch - a viceroy who governed a large province in the Roman Empire
governor - the head of a state government
Khedive - one of the Turkish viceroys who ruled Egypt between 1867 and 1914
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Adopting the European style of religious paintings that adorn many Mexican churches, Salazar renders Sister Juana and her lover, the vicereine, floating through the air over an upside-down crucifix.
Blythe Alice Raviola descriptively analyses the life of Margherita of Savoy-Gonzaga as a young girl in Savoy, in Mantua where she sought to protect her daughter's position, and later as vicereine in Portugal, emphasising the utility of the transnational connections she forged through marriage and extensive correspondence, and the historiographical consequences of this tripartite life across different regions.
The higher profile of Lady Aberdeen as vicereine suggested an effort to portray her as a stand-in for a maternally imagined Queen Victoria, as a sort of national mother.
It had two separate thrones for the British Viceroy and Vicereine, which have now been replaced by a simple chair for the President and a statue of Gautam Buddha belonging to Gupta period, fifth Century, A.
Juana went into a convent as she thought it less unpleasant than marriage, in a time when she could presumably not have stayed single - but there is little sense of this powerlessness as she debates theology with a bishop, and sips drinks with the Viceroy and Vicereine.
Glowing reviews for its biographical narratives of the principal actors of Partition have gone hand-in-hand with delight and disapproval at von Tunzelmann's retelling of the relationship between future Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and Vicereine Edwina Mountbatten.
Powell, who has examined this issue in her own research, should be commended for the technical virtuosity of her translation of Sor Juana's passionate romance decasilabo to the vicereine Maria Luisa Manrique.
During their stay Alva was entertained by Lady Lansdowne, the Vicereine, and learned the interesting fact that the Vicereine's nephew was the new 23-year-old Duke of Marlborough, heir to one of the most prestigious dukedoms in England and master of Blenheim Palace, a lavish and celebrated home of more than 200 rooms done in the English Baroque style.
As a nun in Mexico, Juana de Asbaje (the last name that Sor Juana used when she entered the court of Vicereine Leonor Carreto) wrote incomparable verses about love that dared to challenge sexual inequality and double standards.
70) Finally, Young Juana declares "(simply, and with great feeling) You are the soul of this body," and the Vicereine replies "(equally plain) You are the body of this soul.
I am Marie Charlotte Amelie, cousin of the Queen of England, Grand Magister of the Cross of Saint Charles, and Vicereine of the Lombard-Veneto Provinces, which Austria's clemency and mercy has subsumed under the two-headed eagle of the House of Hapsburg.