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 (vĭsh′ē-swäz′, vē′shē-)
A thick creamy potato soup flavored with leeks or onions, usually served cold.

[French, from feminine of vichyssois, of Vichy.]


(French viʃiswaz) or


(Cookery) a thick soup made from leeks, potatoes, chicken stock, and cream, usually served chilled
[French, from (crème) Vichyssoise (glacée) (ice-cold cream) from Vichy]


(ˌvɪʃ iˈswɑz, ˈvi ʃiˌswɑz)

a thick cream soup made with potatoes and leeks, usu. served cold.
[1915–20; < French (crême) vichyssoise (cream soup) of Vichy]
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Noun1.vichyssoise - a creamy potato soup flavored with leeks and onions; usually served cold
soup - liquid food especially of meat or fish or vegetable stock often containing pieces of solid food
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Fans of Nick Clegg are likely to own a cat, listen to Cliff Richard, watch the BBC News and the Eurovision Song Contest, and slurp vichyssoise soup.
and smoked Loch Fyne salmon with caviar, together with mains such as roasted Gressingham duck breast and halibut with ceps dust, Brussels sprouts and roasted root vegetables, truffle and Vichyssoise sauce.
On the menu this time are chicken liver parfait, vichyssoise soup and tuna tartare, short-rib Bourguinonne with pomme puree, creme brulee, chocolate eclair and apple and raspberry tarte tatin; call 04-3198767.
In June 1971, a New York couple decided their Bon Vivant brand vichyssoise tasted strange so they put aside their bowls, too late.
Truffled beef pastrami, crispy quail egg, smoked beetroot macaroon, truffle vichyssoise e'spuma, pickled forest mushrooms
Of course, not all of these are kosher; some, like vichyssoise, must incorporate dairy.
We have Mock Bird's nest Soup from China, Alan Wong's Red & Yellow Tomato Soup from Hawaii, Chicken Mulligatawny Soup from India, Portuguese Fish Stew, Swedish Soup with Dumplings, Lobster Bisque and Crabmeat & Brie Soup from France, Chilled Vichyssoise from England, Irish Stew, Leek & Potato Soup from Wales, chilled soups, Island soups, Mexicali Tortilla Soup, and finally Clam Chowder New California style, and many more from the American continent and others of hybrid or mixed origins.
Appetizers/Side Dishes: Forrest White of Williston, VT - Acorn Squash'n'Blossom Fritter with Vichyssoise Shooter
The cattle trough of the buffet has also been eschewed and replaced by a three-course meal in a prix fixe manner: 1) Caesar salad, 2) sublime Vichyssoise (I wanted more
In Dan Goggin's musical comedy "Nunsense," the Little Sisters of Hoboken have a problem: 52 of their number have succumbed to bad vichyssoise, and they can't afford to bury them all.
Harry's Continental Kitchen This local treasure is renowned for fresh seafood offerings, gourmet winemaker dinners, inventive soups (the vichyssoise is the tastiest this side of Vichy) and an ever-evolving wine and beer list.
This week, a variation on the classic leek and potato soup (not Vichyssoise, that's a different recipe and served chilled - NOT what we're after in the depths of winter