video display terminal

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vid′eo display` ter`minal

a computer terminal consisting of a screen on which data or graphics can be displayed. Abbr.: VDT
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All we needed were two video display terminals at $600 each and a microprocessor costing $500 for the instrument/minicomputer interface.
Sheedy evaluated 153 VDT workers at the Video Display Terminal Eye Clinic, run by the University of California School of Optometry in Berkeley.
The obvious choise is dictation of a message by telephone to radio common carrier attendants who key the text into a video display terminal.
Founded in 1980, the company has a rich technology heritage with an impressive record of innovation in the Video Display Terminal marketplace.
TeleVideo first became a leader in the video display terminal industry by introducing a new generation of "smart" terminals based on the Intel microprocessor at a time when dumb terminals were the industry standard.
CVS is the result of a compilation of symptoms arising from extended viewing of the video display terminal and is detailed in the book by Anshel, "Visual Ergonomics in the Workplace.
At Boundless, his team developed product concept, definition, design, implementation, certification and life cycle management of video display terminal and network computer designs.
for video display terminals with audio (with traveling column or bracket for wall mounting), 10 units;
I was prescient in suggesting that our society had reared a generation educated in schools to use video display terminals as primary sources of information, and that when this generation of students came of age, using those devices to seek information would be as natural for them as picking up a newspaper had been for their parents.
In view of the increasing use of video display terminals (VDTs) for work or pleasure, the potential relation between VDT use and pregnancy outcome has been a topic since the mid-1980s.
Customers spend time reading books about stocks while drinking tea or looking at video display terminals.