video jockey

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video jockey

n. Abbr. VJ
One who announces, plays, and provides commentary on videotaped programs, especially music videos.

video jockey

(Professions) a person who introduces and plays videos, esp of pop songs, on a television programme. Abbreviation: VJ

vid′eo jock`ey

a person who plays and comments on videocassette recordings, as on a music video broadcast. Abbr.: VJ


(ˈvidiəu) plural ˈvideos noun
1. the recording or broadcasting (by means of a video recorder) of television pictures and sound.
2. a videotape.
3. (also video cassette recorder; ~VCR) a machine used for watching or recording television films and programmes on videotape.
to record on a video recorder or videotape. He videoed the television programme on volcanoes.
ˈvideo arcade noun
a place where people can play video games on machines.
ˈvideo camera noun
a camera for shooting video films.
ˈvideo (cassette) recorder noun
see video.
ˈvideo jockey noun
see VJ.
ˈvideotape noun
a magnetic tape for recording video films.
to record a film etc on video.
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She was also an MTV video jockey and was under contract with Viva Artists Agency.
Three years later, he was recruited by one of his clients - music channel MTV - who sent him to Israel to work as a video jockey.
The complainant named a video jockey of a music channel as her kidnapper.
Podcasting, a new form of communication popularized by Apple's iPod and former MTV video jockey Adam Curry, allows anyone to distribute their recordings, such as radio programs, speeches and interviews to a near limitless audience over the Internet.
Music Television was designed to copy the radio format of continuous music play around the clock, introduced by a Video Jockey or VJ.
based DJs Dntel, John Tejada, Boom Bip - will open up the evening with visual projections by North Hollywood-based video jockey Vello Virkhaus sprinkled throughout the building, creating what the Phil hopes is a massive lounge for the city's nightcrawlers.
The availability of the BBC footage on the Radio 1 and 1Xtra websites coincides with the launch of a Video Jockey (VJ) competition inviting listeners to use the clips to make a three-minute VJ mix.
Complete audio pass through capabilities are also built-in which allow users to connect their computer's speakers or their home stereo to the Video Jockey for rich, stereo sound.
The star, who is currently a video jockey for music channel VH1, was at the official launch of a Bookstart Scheme in Midlothian.
Former model Cat, aged 21, makes her terrestrial TV debut with SMTV://Live, having made her name as a video jockey on MTV.