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n.1.a casette containing magnetic tape, which can be used in a videocasette recorder to record and play back electronic signals, such as from television programs. The long magnetic tape in the videocasette is moved between two spindles, and a small portion of the tape at any one time is passed over a recording or playback head.
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As fellow students looked on in a classroom complete with a videocasette player and individual headphones, two teenage boys at Pyongyang's Moranbong No.
The first day, Rodriguez slipped a videocasette into my hand.
In fact, three people camped out all night to be first in line to peruse the tens of thousands of books, compact discs, videocasette tapes and record albums that filled countless cardboard boxes.
Japanese animation movies and television programs on videocasette and DVD are becoming increasingly popular in North America, according to the company.
The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association said the strong rise was also attributed to growing demand among consumers to replace their videocasette recorders (VCRs) with DVD players with VCR functions.
The box for an adult videocasette, entitled "Designer Genes," showing a buxom blonde in a revealing lab coat.
The man said he got scared when he came home and found the 30-year-old son inside his Burchett Street house and his videocasette recorder missing.
100-minute videocasette of the program "Biography"; host Jack Perkins; narrator, Mariel Hemingway; VHS, ISBN: 07670 13395.
Planning for Today and Tomorrow, 15-minute videocasette.
We have an existing framework for linear Pay-TV and videocasette and laser disks and that will be the backdrop of our review.
Today there are videocasette recorders, compact disc players, and new mechanical toys every day.
And in 1988, the brand was tied-in with Chun King foods and the videocasette release of the Academy Award winning film, "The Last Emperor.