videocasette recorder electronic device which can record electronic signals, as from a television program, on magnetic tape contained in a videocassette, and can also play back the recording. It is used, for example, to record television programs broadcast at some particular time, which can then be viewed at any subsequent time by attaching the videocasette recorder to a television receiver and playing the signals throught the television receiver. Also called VCR.
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The man said he got scared when he came home and found the 30-year-old son inside his Burchett Street house and his videocasette recorder missing.
The association said the sharp rise was also attributable to a drop in prices of playback-only DVD players, an increase in the number of playback DVD players with videocasette recorder (VCR) functions, and a rise in DVD video software titles.
The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association said the strong rise was also attributed to growing demand among consumers to replace their videocasette recorders (VCRs) with DVD players with VCR functions.
Schools get Channel One free and are given a satellite dish, two videocasette recorders and 19-inch television sets for each classroom that offers the program.