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The art or practice of using a video camera.

vid′e·og′ra·pher n.


(ˌvɪd iˈɒg rə fər)
a person who makes videotapes with a camcorder.
[1970–75; video + (photo)grapher]
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Huseby will then process the invoicing to the clients and pay the reporter and videographer instantly.
Green Biscuit Studio, run by 30-year-old Wayne Connelly won Best Videographer in the Wedding Industry Awards.
29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Vemma and its Founder and CEO have recently been recognized with several awards in The Academy of Multilevel Marketing Awards and the 2014 Videographer Awards.
Greenpeace member Anthony Perrett, 32, of Newport, South Wales, arrived in London with fellow activists Alexandra Harris and Phil Ball, crew member Iain Rogers and freelance videographer Kieron Bryan.
New Delhi, May 14 ( ANI ): Ranbir Kapoor, who is playing the role of a travel videographer in his upcoming film- 'Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani', revealed some of his travel secrets while promoting the film in Mumbai.
In addition, a videographer with the team has been sacked on charges of having affairs with call- girls and sex workers during the team's recent tours to China and Canada.
An independent journalist and videographer, Will was a member of Indymedia, the international grassroots media movement.
Beginning with Delilah Jackson, who held the first National Tap Day 17 years ago, Glover presented each with a personalized plaque--musician, presenters, teachers, videographer, shoemaker, historians, and 11-year-old Hannah Leah Dunn representing the new generation in tap.
When applicable, have your videographer shoot some day-in-the-life footage (even in a hospital, if appropriate) and follow the plaintiff's progress through therapy.
And if we needed any more reason to despise him, our youthful videographer keeps filming as the death toll mounts.
Carol Amore is an award-winning wildlife photographer and videographer and no stranger to living among wild tigers.
Your staff may include good writers and good photographers and even a good videographer.