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The art or practice of using a video camera.

vid′e·og′ra·pher n.


(Film) the art, practice, or occupation of making videos
ˌvideˈographer n
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Deadline: 15-Apr-2015 23:59 UN Women s Fund for Gender Equality is seeking to commission Videography and Photography Services to support a knowledge management (KM) initiative on women s economic empowerment programming in fragile contexts.
By working closely with our colleagues at Canon and Wafian, we're enthused to offer our film, broadcast, and videography customers unmatched visual quality and workflow efficiency for their post-production projects.
Limited Tenders are invited for Photography And Videography Of Snp Complex
Prior to joining Esquire, she was an executive with LiveNote Deposition Services, where she was responsible for strategic planning, marketing and business development of LiveNote's court reporting and videography services.
2 Half day (4 hours digital videography with operator
Ulead(R) MediaStudio Pro 8 is powerful, versatile and intuitive video editing software, for professionals and enthusiasts in independent production, event videography, business, and education.
Tenders are invited for Videography photography cctv providing
According to PRO UoS Mohammad Usman, various competitions including Qirat, Punjabi Takra, and Taranum, quiz competitions, paintings, speeches, debates, drama, photography, videography and others will be organized from November 28 till December 6.
The course will include a brief history of DSLR videography and will examine how it has changed, an overview of camera types, video formats, camera settings, tools and specification, used for different lenses, types of shots and camera movements and finally pre-production, production and post-production.
UKPRwire, Mon Dec 19 2016] Our real estate video production helps real estate agents by offering complete real estate videography and real estate video editing services as well as real estate online video marketing.
Sony Professional Solutions, supported by Dubai Studio City (DSC) and CABSAT, has announced the winners of the first nation-wide happiness themed videography competition.
And now Chris Howarth and Natasha Miller are hoping to drum up trade in a new venture, offering top of the range videography and website design across Kirklees.