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The art or practice of using a video camera.

vid′e·og′ra·pher n.


(Film) the art, practice, or occupation of making videos
ˌvideˈographer n
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Tenders are invited for Provision of professional photography And videography for Simhastha 2016 at Ujjain.
com, a microsite containing resources to help photography and videography business owners to protect and grow their businesses.
The product is called Adaptalux and it is an adaptable, miniature portable lighting studio designed for macro photography, macro videography and product photography.
He soon realized he could use it for videography of the larynx.
Clark from operating similar businesses as well as from soliciting or accepting deposits from consumers or offering his videography services for sale in Massachusetts.
Qatar-based broadcaster Al Jazeera English has won The "Best News Videography of a Breaking Story by an Individual or Crew" award from New York Press Club.
Stalls will include designer jewellery and stationery, cakes and ice sculptures, photography, videography, childcare and cosmetic dentistry.
The Institute of Videography (IOV) will hold its two-day trade show at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry for the first time since its formation in 1985.
AGH offers a range of litigation support services, including court reporting, legal videography, videoconferencing, trial presentation services, document management and e-discovery services.
Macy brings a diverse background that includes writing, videography, print and video editing and community activism.
Business provides Master of Ceremony, Disc Jockey, Videography, Photography and Light Shows for weddings and all special occasions.
Next she tried her hand at videography, filming a trip with Hot Rock, a three-year around-the-world rock climbing and mountaineering expedition that she joined in 2003 in La Paz, Bolivia.