or vid′eo record`er,

an electronic device for recording video signals on magnetic tape or on videodiscs.
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Shack's Tandy computer, Sony's Betamax videorecorder or
introduction of the Betamax videorecorder threatened the film industry
Testuff SaaS (Software as a Service) suite includes: Requirementsmanagement, test cases, test planning and execution, defect reporting, videorecorder and player, time management, integration to all bug trackers andautomation tools and much more.
While the bus has a videorecorder, the equipment was not working, according to Mr.
98 for digital videorecorder (DVR) functionality will remain the same.
The boozy pair spent their time in a smart lounge equipped with satellite TV, two DVD players, a computer, PlayStation, videorecorder and more than 100 CDs, films and games.
A Panasonic S-VHS videorecorder was mounted on a Brogen tripod (Model 3001), and the recorder was activated as the stimuli were placed on either side of a snake's cage.
After the display and snake cage were in place, the videorecorder was activated and the experimenter withdrew from the colony room.
Storing and sharing photos online -- Recording and viewing digital content on a digital videorecorder -- Setting up and managing a wireless home network
Cameras and videorecorders were heavily restricted at the Furniture Show at the NEC, Birmingham yesterday becuase the exhibition, which runs until tomorrow, features many new styles and ranges from some of Britain's top manufacturers.
The $2-1/2 billion worldwide market for such specialized batteries, which is expected to be dominated by the lithium battery, is being driven by videorecorders and laptop computers.