videotape recorder

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vid′eotape record`er

a device for recording television programs on magnetic tape for delayed playback or for storage. Abbr.: VTR
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demonstrated its videotape recorder at the National Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters Convention in Chicago.
Discussion of National Television Systems Committee (NTSC) and differences between ATSC and NTSC has been moved to the companion website, as has material on videotape recorder operation and linear editing.
At the same time, the migration process itself has been optimised to eliminate stopping and starting of the source videotape recorder (VTR).
In 1951, the first videotape recorder captured live images from television cameras by converting the information into electrical impulses and saving the information onto magnetic tape.
With its new HDC-F950 camera and SRW-5000 videotape recorder, Sony is introducing an entire new range of RGB solutions for video post-production.
Clinical Supervisors frequently use a videotape recorder as an impetus for change in teaching behavior as the student sees the need for change.
For example, using a videotape recorder could constitute illegal wiretapping if the recorder's microphone is on.
The system can be attached to a single-channel digital, multichannel digital, or videotape recorder.
MOORPARK - Two Moorpark boys were arrested after they were seen carrying what authorities believe was a videotape recorder from a home in the area of Third Street, police said Wednesday.
The Republic of Palau in the South Pacific is using four Sony Trinicom 5100 videoconferencing systems to bring education resources to students, linking four strategically selected schools on three of its principal islands, Babledaob, Koror, and Peleliu, equipping each with a 27-inch television, a videotape recorder, and a document object camera to enhance presentations.
Authoring software, which enables you to transfer images from a VCR to the computer's hard drive; edit those images; put in new titles, special effects, and still images; and then create a videotape master in "playing back" the program you have created from your computer to your videotape recorder.
Also honored with Lifetime Achievement Awards were the members of the engineering team that created the videotape recorder when they worked for Ampex -- Charles Andersen, Ray Dolby, Shelby Henderson and Fred Pfost, and the late Charles Ginsburg and Alex Maxey.