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An administrative division of Turkey.

[Turkish vilāyet, from Arabic wilāya, province, from waliya, to administer; see wly in Semitic roots.]


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a major administrative division of Turkey
[C19: from Turkish, from Arabic wilāyat, from walīy governor]
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Over the last few years, defense and military ties between Turkey and Qatar have deepened to a level unseen since the late 19th century, when the Ottoman Basra Vilayet imposed its rule over the Al-Thani tribe, lasting until 1915.
That Was Finally Annexed By TheAaAeAeA Ottoman EmpireAaAeAeA In 1517; It Part Of TheAaAeAeA Vilayet (Domain) Cities Of BenghaziAaAeAeA AndAaAeAeA Derna (At The E Part Of The Central Coast
As Turkey and Great Britain desperately wanted control of the Vilayet of Mosul, including Kirkuk, the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923 failed to solve the issue.
Othman Ali, "The Kurdish Factor in the Struggle for Vilayet Mosul, 1921-1925," Journal of Kurdish Studies, Vol.
The uprising took place in the Bitola vilayet (province) and the northeastern part of Adrianople vilayet - parts of the regions of Macedonia and Thrace.
Bir onceki senede yuksek ucretle ekinlerin kaldirilmasini geciktiren Bulgar isciler karsisinda vilayet disindan (Arnavutluk) ekinlerin kaldirilmasi icin Musluman isciler getirilmisti.
The motive was not only to get access to its rich neighbor's resources, but also a nationalist wish to reincorporate Kuwait, which had been separated from the Basra vilayet in 1921 by the British authorities.
Note that the most of British Mandatory Palestine was made up from the Ottoman administrative district of the Vilayet of Syria (bottom right of map).
And then the former Ottoman Mosul Vilayet eventually became Nineveh Province of Iraq, but Mosul remained the provincial capital, and the city's fortunes revived with the discovery of oil in the area, from the late 1920s onward.
It was around this time that Kurdish hope for some degree of self-rule in the Mosul vilayet, the northernmost of Iraq's three constituent Ottoman-era provinces, also ended.
the Grand Duchy of Finland, the Kingdom of Poland, the Kingdom of Hungary, the Danubian vilayet, Georgia, Iranian Azerbaijan, Xinjiang, Mongolia) or brought under the protection of an imperial power (the Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia, the Crimean Khanate).