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An administrative division of Turkey.

[Turkish vilāyet, from Arabic wilāya, province, from waliya, to administer; see wly in Semitic roots.]


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a major administrative division of Turkey
[C19: from Turkish, from Arabic wilāyat, from walīy governor]
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Gaziantep il kE-ltE-r ve turizm mE-dE-rlE-gE- 100 yil atatE-rk kE-ltE-r parki ici, vilayet binasi arkasi sehitkamil/gaziantep
During the Ottoman Empire, Debar was part of the Bitola Vilayet.
Nemati said Iranian people will support the speaker in creating a new party which he plans to name as Rahrovan-e Vilayet (Followers of Guardianship).
The uprising took place in the Bitola vilayet and the northeastern part of Adrianople vilayet - parts of the regions of Macedonia and Thrace.
Sustaining Identity in I'tesamuddin's The Wonders of Vilayet.
However, recently a blot on the Macedonia-Kosovo relations has been put by the statement of the vice president of the Kosovo Parliament, Xhavid Haliti, that changing Kosovo's northern borders would also entail changing borders in the south and reclaiming the Kosovo vilayet with its one-time capital Skopje.
Its growing role in the old Ottoman vilayet of Mosul is also arousing Iraqi concerns about territorial integrity.
He explained that although the Baath regime is a "nationalist and secular" party and Hizbullah a "religious group that adheres to the Vilayet al-Faqih" both of them are similar in the ways they defend the influence of their religious sects and in how they define their relations with the political and social factors surrounding them.
The danger therefore of north Cyprus becoming de facto the 82nd vilayet of Turkey is real.
If and when such renunciation takes place, no objection will be raised by the Principle Allied Powers to the voluntary adhesion to such an independent Kurdish State of the Kurds inhabiting that part of Kurdistan which has been hitherto included in the Mosul Vilayet (McDowall, 1996: 459-60).
Perhaps watering his horse in the stream, a pause on a journey to the Edirne vilayet no long distance away, vigilant to any threats the bushes might hold, given that this region would see violence between the governors and the governed before this otherwise placid place would be settled to be part of today's Bulgaria.
A definition of the territory of Macedonia for Greek propaganda meant in a majority of cases two Ottoman vilayets: Vilayet of Salonika (Salonica/ Thessaloniki) and Vilajet of Monastir (Bitolj/Bitola).