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A woman who is a villain.


(ˈvɪl ə nɪs)

a woman who is a villain.
usage: See -ess.
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Noun1.villainess - a woman villainvillainess - a woman villain      
scoundrel, villain - a wicked or evil person; someone who does evil deliberately
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Ryan Gosling shines in a challenging role, Sylvia Hoeks makes for a chilling villainess and a returning Harrison Ford adds old-school charisma.
THE VILLAINESS 18 A HEART-THUMPING action thriller, in a similar vein to La Femme Nikita and Kill Bill.
FILM The Villainess (18) Honed from childhood to be an elite assassin, Sook-hee embarks on a rampage of violence and revenge to finally earn her freedom and escape her past.
Her return to the Disney villainess would mark her first onscreen appearance since her 2015 role in 'By the Sea'.
News that it was an honor for her to be Marvel's first villainess, but she hopes they will continue presenting formidable women on the big screen.
Hela is a fictional super villainess appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.
Villainess Queen Rhea (Teri Hatcher) surprisingly compliments Supergirl's new boots-and viewers will find out why.
Witch and villainess Catriona leads the forces of evil to recruit Sam to the dark side and avenge her father's death at Odin's hands.
There is more than a touch of Roald Dahl about this entertaining story, especially its villainess.
The villainess then springs into action, drugging her nemesis who wakes to find that her gun and handcuffs have been stolen.
Minions Cert U SANDRA Bullock provides the voice for villainess Scarlet Overkill in this computer-animated family comedy, which also involves Jennifer Saunders and Steve Coogan.
Take a little brainwashing, add a few political assassinations and stir in a villainess evil enough to rival Lady Macbeth.