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n. pl. vin·cu·lums or vin·cu·la (-lə)
1. Mathematics A bar drawn over two or more algebraic terms to indicate that they are to be treated as a single term.
2. Anatomy A bandlike structure, such as a ligament.
3. A bond or tie.

[Latin, bond, tie, from vincīre, to tie.]


n, pl -la (-lə)
1. (Mathematics) a horizontal line drawn above a group of mathematical terms, used as an alternative to parentheses in mathematical expressions, as in x + ̅yz which is equivalent to x + (yz)
2. (Anatomy) anatomy
a. any bandlike structure, esp one uniting two or more parts
b. another name for ligament
3. rare a unifying bond; tie
[C17: from Latin: bond, from vincīre to bind]


(ˈvɪŋ kyə ləm)

n., pl. -la (-lə).
1. a bond signifying union or unity; tie.
2. Math. a stroke or brace drawn over several members or terms, in order to show that they are to be considered together.
[1655–65; < Latin: fetter =vinc(īre) to bind + -ulum -ule]
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That which unites or binds:
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In 2016, the Vinculum Foundation twice hosted Aris Wind in conferences at the United Nations.
Lateralmente, el vinculum es robusto con un proceso apical en la valva apenas manifiesto e inconspicuo en vista ventral.
Uncus relatively long, slender, apically pointed; tegumen short and narrow; valva medium-long, proximal lobe short, broadly rounded; cucullus broadened, apical margin more or less straight, covered with long and fine hairs; costal margin sclerotized, concave, basally humped; sacculus short; ampulla rather long extending over ventral margin of valva, reaping-hook-shaped, strongly sclerotized, apically rounded; vinculum relatively broad, medium long, V-shaped.
The winning works are: Sometimes I Forget That You're Gone, by 25-year-old Rae Hicks, the youngest prizewinner; Vinculum by Juliette Losq, winner of the Jerwood Drawing Prize in 2005; Brutal, by Mandy Payne, spraypainted directly onto concrete; Jessica, by Alessandro Raho, a painting of the artist's stepsister; and PV Windows and Floorboards, by 80-year-old artist Rose Wylie.
conversation turning to the vinculum Of what they call their fate,
0 Host/Slave circuits based on the company's new Vinculum VNC2 devices.
In this article, Schmitt's notion of the autonomy of the political will be read in terms of Deleuze's concepts of fold, vinculum, strata, and plateau.
Figure 7 shows a visual image of the numerator, denominator and vinculum of the fraction.
Vinculum Japan Corporation (Jasdaq: 3784), Tokyo, Japan, a leading solution provider for the Japanese retail and wholesale industry, and webMethods K.
The order of the essays is somewhat puzzling, however, for both logically and chronologically the topic that provides the essential background is that treated in the fifth essay by Claude Troisfontaines--Blondel's understanding of Leibniz's idea of vinculum substantiale, the "substantial bond.
9] Similarly, Augustine analyzed the role of the Spirit in terms of the vinculum caritatis or the vinculum Trinitatis, the communion that binds the other two members of the Godhead together in dynamic unity.
Leibniz and the Substance of the Vinculum Substantiale, BRANDON LOOK