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n. pl. vin·cu·lums or vin·cu·la (-lə)
1. Mathematics A bar drawn over two or more algebraic terms to indicate that they are to be treated as a single term.
2. Anatomy A bandlike structure, such as a ligament.
3. A bond or tie.

[Latin, bond, tie, from vincīre, to tie.]


n, pl -la (-lə)
1. (Mathematics) a horizontal line drawn above a group of mathematical terms, used as an alternative to parentheses in mathematical expressions, as in x + ̅yz which is equivalent to x + (yz)
2. (Anatomy) anatomy
a. any bandlike structure, esp one uniting two or more parts
b. another name for ligament
3. rare a unifying bond; tie
[C17: from Latin: bond, from vincīre to bind]


(ˈvɪŋ kyə ləm)

n., pl. -la (-lə).
1. a bond signifying union or unity; tie.
2. Math. a stroke or brace drawn over several members or terms, in order to show that they are to be considered together.
[1655–65; < Latin: fetter =vinc(īre) to bind + -ulum -ule]
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That which unites or binds:
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com)-- Mypacco, an online logistics aggregator announced its partnership with Vinculum Solutions, a Noida-based IT software Company enabling the ecommerce ecosystem with SaaS based products for multi channel retailing.
Saccular projection, TG: Tegumen, UN: Uncus, VES: Vesica, VIN: Vinculum, VLA: Valvula.
Delegates will be able to hear first-hand experiences of export, financing and operational issues from the following corporate organisations that are confirmed to speak: FirmGreen, One Diamond Electronics, Louroe Electronics, Westside Trading, Vinculum Communications, America Chung Nam, QLogic Corporation, Agri Beef and Worldwide Commodities.
The winning works are: Sometimes I Forget That You're Gone, by 25-year-old Rae Hicks, the youngest prizewinner; Vinculum by Juliette Losq, winner of the Jerwood Drawing Prize in 2005; Brutal, by Mandy Payne, spraypainted directly onto concrete; Jessica, by Alessandro Raho, a painting of the artist's stepsister; and PV Windows and Floorboards, by 80-year-old artist Rose Wylie.
Note that the format of M is seen as preferable to 3/4 for a fraction (Commonwealth of Australia, 2002), and the horizontal vinculum is the preferred way to write fractions in NAPLAN tests.
One feature is the modification of the vinculum between the two superficial flexors supplying digit III.
Zon II icerisinde ayrica fleksor tendonlara kan akimini saglayan vinculum longus ve brevis olarak isimlendirilen mezotenon kat-lantilari bulunur.
The phrase pivots on an enigmatic vinculum that, while insisting on a connection between the two words, fails to clarify the nature of this bond.
Fransen concentrates on three key words: errare, iuxta, and vinculum.
Her return symbolizes a moving vinculum between material and
6, 7 (Clade C)) is supported by having an anal lobe in the hindwing (8:1; later lost in the ancestor of Bibarrambla allenella), having the distal process of the male genitalia linear to curved at the tip, bifid, or quadrate (31:1; the distal process is later lost in the ancestor of the artemisiae group, the pastinacella group), and having the valvae broadest at base or nearly parallel sided (36:1 and 36:0; evolving multiple times within Depressariinae), and the parallelism of having a rounded vinculum (43:1).