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n. pl. vin·da·loos
A highly seasoned dish of Indian origin made from meat or seafood cooked in a sauce of vinegar, red chilis, garlic, tamarind, and spices.

[From Konkani (Indic language of western India) vindalu, from Portuguese vinha-d'alho, vinha-d'alhos, marinade or pickle for meat made of vinegar and garlic (via Goan Indo-Portuguese (Portuguese creole of Goa)) : vinho, wine (from Latin vīnum) + de, of (from Latin ; see de-) + alho, garlic (from Latin ālium, allium; see allium).]


n, pl -loos
(Cookery) a type of very hot Indian curry
[C20: perhaps from Portuguese vin d'alho wine and garlic sauce]
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There I am, waking from a strange dream in the middle of the night, disorientated like a time travelling Bruce Willis in Twelve Monkeys, when a taste of vindaloo brings me back to reality.
Both lads, who spoonfed me a meal of dahl mahkani black lentils, pork cheek vindaloo, and Began Bhartha during my visit to V Deep, remember their early trips to Indian restaurants in Glasgow, and most importantly the home made food their mum still makes.
We sampled the Kung Pao Chicken and Lamb Vindaloo, both of which were in sauces full of rich flavor without being overly salty or too spicy.
JAMIE AND JIMMY'S FRIDAY NIGHT FEAST Fri Jan 2 C4 8pm Pals Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty cook up delicious dishes for celebrities, starting with a vindaloo for Hollywood actress Kate Hudson.
And the fiery Indian pickles and lamb vindaloo ($15.
com)-- What: The weather may be getting colder, but things are heating up at Shanti restaurant as it hosts the second annual Xtreme Vindaloo Challenge at its Dorchester, MA location.
Being partial to a madras, or even a vindaloo when the mood takes, I'm glad that eating hot curries helps stop you getting bowel cancer.
AND the enjoyable Charlotte Crosby Experience on TLC managing to follow the Geordie Shore star's enema-induced toilet un-pleasantries in Delhi ("I've got bad ring sting") with an advert for Iceland's Atomic Chicken Vindaloo.
HESTON'S GREAT BRITISH FOOD C4 9pm He's the so-called NASA scientist of grub, and this week Mr Blumenthal reveals a spicy secret - that many of our favourite Indian dishes - vindaloo, bhuna, onion bhaji - were all invented right here in Blighty.
Which is a shame because a proper vindaloo - a fusion dish dating back to the time of Portugal's presence in Goa - is a thing of great elegance.
For his latest TV adventure he's in search of the perfect curry - and declared: "I want to show there's more to curry than three pints of lager and prawn vindaloo.
India Dining in Warlingham used a ghost chilli, a habanero pepper and a scotch bonnet to make its "not for bunnies" Vindaloo egg, said to be 100 times hotter than its hottest curry.