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n. pl. vin·da·loos
A highly seasoned dish of Indian origin made from meat or seafood cooked in a sauce of vinegar, red chilis, garlic, tamarind, and spices.

[From Konkani (Indic language of western India) vindalu, from Portuguese vinha-d'alho, vinha-d'alhos, marinade or pickle for meat made of vinegar and garlic (via Goan Indo-Portuguese (Portuguese creole of Goa)) : vinho, wine (from Latin vīnum) + de, of (from Latin ; see de-) + alho, garlic (from Latin ālium, allium; see allium).]


n, pl -loos
(Cookery) a type of very hot Indian curry
[C20: perhaps from Portuguese vin d'alho wine and garlic sauce]
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Imar (and the menu) said it was suitable for vindaloo lovers, but where this differed from most vindaloos I have had was the way in which the heat did not detract from the flavours in any way whatsoever.
Hotter curries such as Phals and Vindaloos have been served in UK curry houses for many years and the launch of the Hot & Spicy range is part of Patak's ongoing objective to allow consumers to re-create the Indian restaurant experience at home.
Featuring three variants; hot Tikka Masala, extra hot Vindaloo and extra, extra hot Phal the Hot & Spicy range complements the current portfolio of Patak's sauces and provides more options for consumers.
The Prime Minister, apparently, often sends his chauffeur to collect a smattering of tandooris and vindaloos.
The menu of curries, masalas, and vindaloos from the average Indian restaurant reflects the full flavor and rich variety of the subcontinent's cuisine.
Vindaloos scream for fruitier styles; a sweet German riesling, perhaps, or if the dish gives off scorching heat and contains lots of chilli then a Southern Italian red.
Vindaloos, which can also be made from beef, are very, very hot.
Most Vindaloo recipes involved grinding mustard seeds in vinegar.
Caption: Are you sure you want your vindaloo this hot?
THE comic behind England's cult soccer anthem Vindaloo is giving up curry - because it could kill him.