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tr.v. vin·di·cat·ed, vin·di·cat·ing, vin·di·cates
1. To clear of accusation, blame, suspicion, or doubt with supporting arguments or proof: "Our society permits people to sue for libel so that they may vindicate their reputations" (Irving R. Kaufman).
2. To defend, maintain, or insist on the recognition of (one's rights, for example).
3. To demonstrate or prove the value or validity of; justify: The results of the experiment vindicated her optimism.
4. Obsolete To exact revenge for; avenge.

[Latin vindicāre, vindicāt-, from vindex, vindic-, surety, avenger; see deik- in Indo-European roots.]

vin′di·ca′tor n.
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Adj.1.vindicated - freed from any question of guiltvindicated - freed from any question of guilt; "is absolved from all blame"; "was now clear of the charge of cowardice"; "his official honor is vindicated"
clean-handed, guiltless, innocent - free from evil or guilt; "an innocent child"; "the principle that one is innocent until proved guilty"
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Captain Bonneville vindicated the policy of his conduct.
But I knew, and his genius and my judgment were vindicated when he made that magnificent hit with his 'Forge.
But I could have easily vindicated humankind from the imputation of singularity upon the last article, if there had been any swine in that country (as unluckily for me there were not), which, although it may be a sweeter quadruped than a YAHOO, cannot, I humbly conceive, in justice, pretend to more cleanliness; and so his honour himself must have owned, if he had seen their filthy way of feeding, and their custom of wallowing and sleeping in the mud.
Is it an objection that I have triumphantly defended myself against slander and vindicated my purity in a court of justice?
It was not yet quite midwinter, and the turbulent Fifty Mile River vindicated his judgment.
Sh e places herself under the protection of her nearest relative, until her character is vindicated and her position in your house is once more beyond a doubt.
In many ways, I have been vindicated this past year: not just by the various awards and recognitions I have been honored with, acknowledging my plight as a human rights defender under attack, but also by the very acts of my persecutors,' De Lima said in a statement.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Jan 4 (ANI): Former Telecom minister A Raja has written a letter to former prime minister Manmohan Singh seeking his support as he stood vindicated in the 2G spectrum allocation scam case.
In court, it was claimed Mr Cloherty had back-filled a pad to cover cracks in his original statement taken over years to be vindicated over the incident.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan on Thursday said the Indian statement regarding Pathankot incident has vindicated Pakistan's longstanding position in the context.
Meanwhile, a spokesman of the forum led by the veteran Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Gilani reacting on Sajjad Lones interview, said the admissions by Lone about his relation to Indian establishment and Hindu extremist party vindicated their assessment of his doings.
With his family outside Kingston crown court, he admitted: "I feel vindicated but take no pleasure in their deservedly long sentence.