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One who owns or manages a vineyard.


(ˈvɪn yər dɪst)

a person who owns or operates a vineyard.
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Kohler and Frohling--who built the great stone winery on the vineyard called Tokay, but who built upon a hill up which other vineyardists refused to haul their grapes.
Francois Durif was a botanist and vineyardist in the Rhone Valley during the late 1800s and a strong proponent of the fruity quite tannic grape named after him.
So vineyardist Alfredo Bucio and his fellow workers headed out with two buckets each.
After the funeral, where Ferdinand sees but does not meet his father, he determines to ask permission to leave Paris to return to the Riviera, where he hopes to marry Nina and become a vineyardist.
Foote is currently a vineyardist in the Napa Valley.
They did not refer to themselves as farmers but often preferred the more specialized titles of grower, rancher, orchardist, nurseryman, horticulturalist, and vineyardist.
Without the stranglehold of corporate shipping and distribution, local orchardists, vineyardists, nurserymen, and truck farmers would be strapped to supply their communities in season as supply -- subject to local weather and harvest conditions -- dictated.