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(Plants) a European species of grape vine


(vaɪˈnɪf ər ə, vɪ-)

of, pertaining to, or derived from a European grape, Vitis vinifera, widely cultivated for making wine and raisins.
[1895–1900; See vini-, -fer]
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Noun1.vinifera - common European grape cultivated in many varietiesvinifera - common European grape cultivated in many varieties; chief source of Old World wine and table grapes
vinifera grape - grape from a cultivated variety of the common grape vine of Europe
genus Vitis, Vitis - the type genus of the family Vitaceae; woody vines with simple leaves and small flowers; includes a wide variety of grapes
grape vine, grapevine, grape - any of numerous woody vines of genus Vitis bearing clusters of edible berries
Chardonnay, chardonnay grape - white wine grape
Pinot, Pinot grape - any of several purple or white wine grapes used especially for Burgundies and champagnes
Sauvignon grape - small blue-black grape of Medoc region of France highly prized in winemaking
Cabernet Sauvignon grape - superior red wine grapes grown especially in the Bordeaux region of France and northern California
Sauvignon blanc - white wine grape grown in California
Merlot - black wine grape originally from the region of Bordeaux
Muscadet - white grape grown especially in the valley the Loire in France
Riesling - white grape grown in Europe and California
Zinfandel - small black grape grown chiefly in California; transplanted from Europe
Chenin blanc - white grape grown especially in California and the lower Loire valley of France
malvasia - used to make malmsey wine
muscat, muskat - any of several cultivated grapevines that produce sweet white grapes
Verdicchio - a variety of white wine grape grown in Italy
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His property's Sarah's, Timcat, and Dwarf Oak blocks are planted to 10 different vinifera grapes.
Nicole Bernard, assistant restaurant manager Vinifera restaurant at the Westin Hotel in Reston, VA, can check off several reasons why it should be front and center.
However, while the Central Valley has ideal climate conditions for growing vinifera varieties--including ample sunshine, dry and windy summers, mild winters, and gentle slopes--the Midwest is known for its long, cold winters and hot, humid summers.
The 2013 Heritage Chardonnay also won awards for Best Estate Wine and Best Vinifera, and the 2013 Heritage Brut tied with Tomasello Winery's NV Sparkling Rkatsiteli for Best Sparkling Wine.
Konstantin Frank, who successfully grew vinifera grapes in the region, to modern-day produce growers and winemakers, Timeless Bounty is as much a historical chronicle as it is a celebration.
Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration of Vitis vinifera cultivars 'Macabeo' and 'Tempranillo.
Contrast it with Thompson Seedless, whose mild flavor, sweetness, and crunchy flesh are characteristic of European, or vinifera, grapes.
Evaluation of tolerance to Pierce's disease and Botrytis in transgenic plants of Vitis vinifera L.
But new opportunities are also presenting themselves: areas in Europe and the Americas that could not successfully produce vitis vinifera grapes are becoming important players in the new world of wine.
The researchers examined the effect of GSSE processed from a grape cultivar ('Carignan') of Vitis vinifera from northern Tunisia on rats.