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Adj.1.violet-coloured - having a violet color
colored, coloured, colorful - having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination; "colored crepe paper"; "the film was in color"; "amber-colored heads of grain"
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The music seemed to put her into a soft, waking dream, and her violet-coloured eyes looked sleepily and confidingly at one from under her long lashes.
This was a woman, too, and, moreover, an old woman, and as fat and as rubicund as Madame Pelet was meagre and yellow; her attire was likewise very fine, and spring flowers of different hues circled in a bright wreath the crown of her violet-coloured velvet bonnet.
The mineral waters of Arva Wai* ooze forth from the crevices of a rock, and gliding down its mossy side, fall at last, in many clustering drops, into a natural basin of stone fringed round with grass and dewy-looking little violet-coloured flowers, as fresh and beautiful as the perpetual moisture they enjoy can make them.
Scarcely had he reached his anteroom when he cried out aloud on seeing his staircase invaded, up to the very landing-place, by the multitude, which was accompanying, or rather following, a young man, simply clad in a violet-coloured velvet, embroidered with silver; who, with a certain aristocratic slowness, ascended the white stone steps of the house.
It was written with beautiful regularity and neatness of character, in violet-coloured ink, on note-paper as smooth as ivory and almost as thick as cardboard, and it addressed me in these terms--
Upholstered with violet-coloured velvet fabric, the Bolshoi Rug > chairs have great visual appeal while being incredibly comfortable - a key feature of this collection.
Upholstered with violet-coloured velvet fabric, the chairs have great visual appeal while being incredibly comfortable - a key feature of this collection.
The proposed Amethyst Hotel is shaped like a rock-face and features a facade that has the appearance of violet-coloured crystals.
She wore a mint green crepe coat and a multi-coloured floral silk dress by Peter Enrione, with a matching mint and violet-coloured Angela Kelly hat, with a diamond and emerald brooch.
When a bishop is made a cardinal or "prince of the church", he ditches his violet-coloured garments for new red ones.
Jackie thought it was Steven, but as she was taking the chain off, an unearthly huge violet-coloured hand came round the door, as depicted above.
We found: A nice violet-coloured Sport with 94,000 miles on the clock.