violin maker

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Noun1.violin maker - someone who makes violinsviolin maker - someone who makes violins    
maker, shaper - a person who makes things
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Originally from Poland, he trained as a violin maker after giving up a career as a concert pianist because he suffered from stage fright.
That is why the well-known recipients share the honours with those of humbler backgrounds, a pot-washer, a violin maker, a cleaner, a postman, a lollipop lady and even a crossword compiler.
But the Bay was ultimately not the best fit for the violin maker and his family, so Gusset visited Eugene on a friend's recommendation and moved here in 1990.
In 1998, he set up a retail outlet in the Custard Factory called Unison Strings, along with a traditional violin maker, Francois Bignon.
It is dark brown and bears the name of violin maker Sheena Laurie.
The "burning passion" of violin maker Leroy Douglas has been his quest for the secrets of the Italian Renaissance master violin makers.
OLYMPIA - A violin maker raped his ex-girlfriend repeatedly at her home, then drove her car back to his place after she escaped and fatally shot himself to end a five-hour standoff, police said.
Eugene violin maker David Gusset is curator of the show as well as an exhibitor.
A luthier is a violin maker, Stradivarius probably being the most famous, and the plot revolves around the murder of one such practitioner.
The modern French violin maker Etienne Vatelot is given as modern violin maker of genius so it is a name to look out for on the label.