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(ˌvaɪ əˈlɪnˌmeɪ kər)

a person who designs and constructs violins, esp. professionally.
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1737: Antonio Stradivari, violinmaker, died in his nineties at Cremona, Italy.
Famous Italian violinmaker Pietro Guarneri crafted the instrument, one of only about 60 he built.
Pavia violinmaker Marco Brunello says the sculpting of the violin scroll is distinctive to the artist who makes it, his or her signature.
Other people could not hear it, but t took him to the violinmaker, who tweaked something inside.
The engineering team under Professor John Dominy has been working with violinmaker Peter Killingback and manufacturing firm Carbon Concepts to produce a carbon-fibre composite instrument that has acoustic and vibration characteristics to match the best old wooden violins.
Jerome spent four weeks observing life in Quebec and eventually decided tomake his film about a violinmaker called Simon Bruneau because, to him, his work summed up the city'smusical nature.
Otakar Sevcik told Frantisek Spidlen about a competition announced by the conservatory in Moscow to fill the position left by the deceased French violinmaker Ernest Andre Salzard.
Even though science may be used when creating violins, the craft in its highest form is an art, says Christopher Germain, owner of Christopher Germain Violinmaker in Mount Airy, Maryland.
Once I heard a master violinmaker in Stradivarius's hometown say something that applies to how I think of news and analysis: "The challenge for me," this violinmaker said, "is to have my hands do what my eyes want to see.
A: Well, I guess the definition of the word artisan is a craftsman who does things with his hands: a sculptor or a painter or a violinmaker.
Based on an idea by Girard, "The Red Violin" begins with the creation in a 17th-century Italian workshop of a red violin by master violinmaker Nicolo Bussotti.
Pizzicato: The Abduction of the Magic Violin," by celebrated German author Rusalka Reh, is an exciting whodunit that follows an orphan after he befriends an eccentric violinmaker.