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(ˌvaɪ əˈlɪnˌmeɪ kər)

a person who designs and constructs violins, esp. professionally.
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Music: After almost 20 years of obsessive violinmaking and intense scientific scrutiny, Cal Meineke, a musically inclined doctor, may have finally figured out why one instrument can sound so much better than its nearly identical twin.
Italian violinmaking tradition: a Swedish response to the challenge = Italiensk violinmakartradition: ett svenskt svar pa utmaningen = Die Tradition des italienischen Geigenbaus: eine schwedische Antwort auf die Herausforderung.
Stradivari, is one of the most beautiful works of modern Czech violinmaking, and in craftsmanship and sound is the equal of the very valuable instruments of the Old Italian School.
The art of Czech violinmaking has been developed to the very highest standards by Premysl Otakar Spidlen"--declared a television documentary on the Spidlens .
Premysl Otakar Spidlen is one of the most exceptional figures in the whole history of violinmaking in our country.
He has risen to it, and today he too has produced excellent instruments--one of his first violins is the property of Josef Suk, he is a privileged supplier of instruments to Pavel Sporcl and two recent violins won him phenomenal success at the 10th Violinmaking Trienale in Cremona in 2003 - 1st and 2nd Prize and three other awards.
Studies at the international violinmaking school in Mittenwald in Germany and a placement in London with the famous violinmaking firm J.
Without the J-1 visa we would not have access to the high quality of workmanship in violinmaking from, for example, Germany, France or England.