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A 16-foot organ stop yielding stringlike tones similar to those of a cello.

[Italian, augmentative of viola, viola; see viola1.]


(Instruments) the double-bass member of the viol family lying an octave below the viola da gamba. It corresponds to the double bass in the violin family
[C18: from Italian, from viola1 + -one, augmentative suffix]
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Some of the tracks call for a cappella singing, others include accompaniment by continuo and/or various combinations of a pair of violins, violone, viola, cello, oboe and lute, all under the able direction of Alexander Weimann, Artistic Director of Vancouver's Pacific Baroque Orchestra.
Soprano Shari Alise Wilson and countertenor Gerrod Pagenkopf will perform with an ensemble that includes violins, viola, violone, harpsichord and viola da gamba.
The edition consists of a full score for the conductor and organist; a piano/vocal score with all of the choruses, arias for soloists and trios; a choral edition for SSATB, without orchestral ritornelli, solo and trio arias; orchestral parts for two violins; violone (cello); contra bass; and, for Part VI, five gambas.
largest version, the violone survives in the modern orchestra and jazz
5 for two Recorders, Three Violins, Viola, Violoncello, Violone and Harpsichord (circa 1740), First Concert, 19 August 1929, Haslemere Festival Programme of Concerts, 19-31 August 1929, archives of the Dolmetsch family, Haslemere, Surrey.
The choir will be accompanied by Marc Vanscheeuwijck on violone and Rose Whitmore on organ.
Almportant in music of thisperi od is the perpetually supportive continuo line, here supplied by lively cello and violone, pungent bassoon and perceptively illuminating harpsichord.
In SFM072, "Medius Interactive Keeps Yankees, Braves and Mariners Fans in Touch With Their Winning Teams On-Line," moved yesterday, we are advised by the company that the third graph, first line should read "Director of communications, Joe Violone," rather than "Director of broadcasting," as originally issued.
The super-tight ensemble of 11 gives pride of place to a softly insistent continuo - harpsichord, cello and/or two lutes - then, adding recorders, violins, viola, violone and lutes as demanded, it pulls up short, or flares into bursts of flamenco-like intensity.
Violone has extensive experience in the development of multi-media sports related content including sports related videos.
Der Sionitin Wiegenlied: "Nun, ich singe, Gott, ich knie," fur vier Singstimmen (SATB), drei Violen, Violone (zwei Violinen, Viola, Violoncello) und Basso continue Herausgegeben von Ekkehard Krviger.
The title card copy reads: Passio / a / Canto Alto / Tenore Basso / Violino Multiplicato / Violone Seu Fagotto / con / Organo / Ex Choro Claro Tumbano / S: O: C: (20) Anno 1742.