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Any of several antibacterial substances derived from an actinomycete related to Streptomyces virginiae, used chiefly as an additive in animal feed.

[New Latin virginiae, specific epithet (from genitive sing. of Virginia, Virginia) + -mycin.]
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EN 16939:2017 - Animal feeding stuffs: Methods of sampling and analysis - Detection of tylosin, spiramycin and virginiamycin - Thin Layer Chromatography and bioautography
As an alternative to ionophores, virginiamycin (VM) is an antimicrobial also effective against growth of gram-positive bacteria, including ruminal lactic acid-producing bacteria, reducing the possibility of lactic acidosis associated digestive dysfunctions.
In Sri Lanka, use of sub-therapeutic concentrations of antimicrobials is well regulated and only the following are allowed for use: bacitracin, virginiamycin, flavomycin and avilamycin.
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18] suggested an association of quinupristin/dalfopristin resistance with the use of virginiamycin as a feed additive and indicate the possibility of transfer to humans via the food chain.
1]) Dry matter 574 Organic matter 541 Crude protein 149 Mineral matter 42 Neutral detergent fiber corrected for ash and protein 250 Acid detergent fiber 101 Non-fibrous carbohydrates 517 Ether extract 38 Total digestible nutrients * 744 Composition per kg: calcium 180 g, phosphorus 20 g, iodine 25 mg, magnesium 17 g, manganese 840 mg, monensin 833 mg, selenium 7 mg, sodium 86 g, virginiamycin 500 mg, cobalt 25 mg, copper 420 mg, iron 490 mg, vitamin A 83, 200 IU, vitamin D3 10,400 IU, vitamin E 242 IU, zinc 2,000 mg.
Chicken flocks fed DFM and virginiamycin diets exhibited improvement in the feed consumption and utilization, feed conversion ratio, growth performance and live body weight [20].
For example, avoparcin and virginiamycin, considered 'animal-only' antibiotics, could select strains resistant to drugs recently approved for humans.
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