Green or slightly green.

[Late Latin viridēscēns, viridēscent-, present participle of viridēscere, to become green, from Latin viridis, green; see virid.]

vir′i·des′cence n.


1. the state or quality of being green or greenish.
2. greenishness. — viridescent, adj.
See also: Color
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The paintings are of an empty village lane strewn with a faint viridescence of moss, vaporous at sunrise and leading to a half-discerned bosquet of pine-trees (St Valery-sur-Somme); and of ballerinas gyrating in a haze of tulle at the barre in Dancers at Practice in the Foyer, both from about 1890.
Its sister agency, Viridescence specializes in green event marketing, which is an area the company is looking to expand over the next five years.
Viridescence is a TideSmart Global agency specializing in green event marketing.
About Promerica Health and TideSmart Global Promerica Health is a part of TideSmart Global, a collective of six creative businesses that specialize in experiential marketing, also including emg3, TideSmart Logistics, Sumerian Sports & Entertainment, Viridescence, and LedgePoint Digital.
Maine Plugs In," will be presented by Viridescence, TideSmart's award-winning green event marketing agency.
TideSmart Global and Viridescence are proud to host Maine's first-ever National Plug In Day celebration," said TideSmart Global CEO Steve Woods.
As president and CEO of TideSmart Global (TideSmart), Woods manages an industry-leading group of six companies, including emg3, Promerica Health, TideSmart Logistics, Sumerian Sports & Entertainment, Viridescence and LedgePoint Digital, all headquartered on an 8-acre eco-friendly campus in Falmouth, Maine.
FALMOUTH, Maine, June 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Maine Governor John Baldacci attended the official ground breaking ceremony today of a newly developed 8-acre corporate headquarters for TideSmart Global -- parent company of the award winning experiential marketing agency emg3, and associated companies Promerica Health, Ledgepoint, Sumerian Sports, Viridescence, TS Logistics, and TS Realty.