virus infection

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Noun1.virus infection - infection by a virus that is pathogenic to humans
infection - the pathological state resulting from the invasion of the body by pathogenic microorganisms
haemorrhagic fever, hemorrhagic fever, VHF, viral haemorrhagic fever, viral hemorrhagic fever - a group of illnesses caused by a viral infection (usually restricted to a specific geographic area); fever and gastrointestinal symptoms are followed by capillary hemorrhage
herpangia - a viral infection (usually in children) marked by sore throat and fever and papules in the mouth and throat and headache and abdominal pain; usually subsides in a short time
HIV - infection by the human immunodeficiency virus
viral pneumonia - pneumonia caused by a virus
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Quantifying the risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes (APOs) after Zika virus infection is of critical public health importance.
health care providers caring for infants with possible congenital Zika virus infection (1) in response to recently published updated guidance for health care providers caring for pregnant women with possible Zika virus exposure (2), unknown sensitivity and specificity of currently available diagnostic tests for congenital Zika virus infection, and recognition of additional clinical findings associated with congenital Zika virus infection.
Governor Emano, on the other hand, said the reported virus infection in Pampanga would mean a bit advantage to the local poultry producers in Misamis Oriental.
Summary: New Delhi [India], July 28 (ANI): An analysis done by SRL Diagnostics, a diagnostic chain in India, on Viral Hepatitis (A, B, C, E) testing done in its laboratories revealed that Hepatitis C Virus infection was most common in the Northern states of India when compared with other parts of the country.
These data demonstrate the critical contribution of population-based birth defects surveillance to understanding the impact of Zika virus infection in pregnancy," the study stated.
Zika Pregnancy Registry] supports the relationship between congenital Zika virus infection and these birth defects," wrote the authors of a new report led by Janet D.
The approaches, experience, and infrastructure developed by medical examiners during previous infectious disease outbreaks and routine surveillance can now be applied to better understand the emergence and consequences of Zika virus infection.
There are two new cases of Zika virus infection in the country, bringing the total number of cases in the Philippines to 35.
From April to May 2013, 18 patients with avian influenza A(H7N9) virus infection were hospitalized in Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center, and finally, 12 of them survived.
Singapore officials confirmed 41 cases of locally transmitted Zika virus infection Sunday.
Patients with suspected Zika virus infection who have negative real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction test results are not automatically in the clear, officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned in new guidelines on the interpretation of Zika virus antibody test results.
A positive result in either specimen type provides evidence of Zika virus infection.