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also viz·ca·cha  (vĭ-skä′chə)
Any of several South American rodents of the genera Lagostomus and Lagidium, having large ears and a bushy tail, some species of which live in elaborate systems of burrows.

[Spanish vizcacha, from Quechua wisk'acha.]


(vɪsˈkætʃə) or


1. (Animals) a gregarious burrowing hystricomorph rodent, Lagostomus maximus, of southern South America, similar to but larger than the chinchillas: family Chinchillidae
2. (Animals) mountain viscacha the mountain chinchilla. See chinchilla3
[C17: from Spanish, from Quechuan wiskácha]
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Noun1.viscacha - gregarious burrowing rodent larger than the chinchillasviscacha - gregarious burrowing rodent larger than the chinchillas
gnawer, rodent - relatively small placental mammals having a single pair of constantly growing incisor teeth specialized for gnawing
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Although hunted animals are present in all phases, their contribution to the local diet compared to domestic animals is relatively minor, accounting for approximately 5-15 per cent of usable meat weight by phase--consisting of deer, viscacha, small rodents and birds.
For instance, clicking on a viscacha - a member of the chinchilla family - begins a cartoon with talking animal characters.
On the mammal front, vicuna (the smallest of the camelids), viscachas, and Andean foxes are also commonly seen.