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1. Subject to inspection or visitation: a hospital that was visitable by state officials.
2. Accessible or open: a wildlife preserve visitable only during the summer months.
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Its gardens and lake filled the site where the Colosseum now stands, and the surviving visitable wing is entombed beneath the foundation platform of a later bathhouse.
Con respecto al castillo Himmelsburg, es todavia visitable y funciona como museo desde
For over 100 years, it has had a reputation of one of the most visitable streets downtown.
As a district activist leader for the National MS Society and chairman of the Montgomery County (Maryland) Commission on People with Disabilities, we have been able to promote both new construction and renovations that include visitable and liveable features, through legislation that provides property tax credits for incorporation of such accessibility features.
El analisis que se desarrolla a continuacion es una aproximacion narrativa de corte cualitativo de la galeria de imagenes que, tras el rescate, el propio Gobierno de Chile subio a su cuenta oficial de Flickr (hoy deshabilitada tras el cambio de gobierno, aunque visitable en http://goo.
A lot of detective fiction has visitable locations: Inspector Rebus, for example and Inspector Morse--both very popular tours.
Esta se muestra en un espacio hibrido entre lo que se denomina casa-museo o museo de autor y lo que se considera coleccion visitable, que no llega a ser un museo en el sentido estricto del termino.
As a side benefit, a visitable home also takes care of the future needs of the homeowners, vastly extending its suitability.
The Berlin of their first meeting was still there, despite the years, also visitable, but in a different way.
Moreover, by linking the stories found at visitable sites to stories found at historic places off the map of visitability, they cross the boundaries of official history.
It will also have a gallery for temporary exhibitions, a visitable warehouse, a storage room and a classroom for teaching children," Acciona Producciones y DiseEo, the Spanish firm that has been selected by the Sultanate to design the museum, said in a statement to the Times of Oman.